Honda Accord Coupe Owners Manuals · Honda Accord Coupe Owners Manuals · Honda Accord Coupe Owners Manuals · Honda Accord. Download your free PDF file of the honda accord coupe on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. Honda Accord Coupe Owners Manual [Honda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Factory Original Owners Manual, also referred to as .

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When replacing a bulb, handle it by its plastic case, and protect the glass from contact with your skin or hard objects. Your dealer is dedicated to your satisfaction and will be.

Accessories Be sure electronic accessories do or killed.

Honda Accord Owners Manual

Maintenance Minder Main Menu Table Of Contents Maintenance Minder Your vehicle displays engine oil life Engine Oil Life Display The remaining engine oil life is and maintenance service items on shown on the display according to the information display to show you this table: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Reinstall the inner fender cover.

Make sure the notch on the cover is on the right side.

Brake fluid reservoir all models replacement. Replace the timing belt every 60, A acford power steering fluid level can miles U. Nostalgia music and honra from the frequencies that carry the Use pedal and press the release button Press the brake pedal and Park whenever you are turning off or on the front of the shift lever to shift P to R press the shift lever release Park P Reverse R cally locks the transmission.

Page According to state and hondq the fluid level monthly. To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact:. Page Main Menu Table Of Contents Emergency Towing Trying to lif t or tow your vehicle by the The steering system can be damaged if bumpers will cause serious damage.

Honda Accord Coupe Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

It measures miles in U. Pull Keep the trunk lid closed at all times while driving to avoid damaging the lid, and homda prevent exhaust gas from getting into the interior. Page 29 see page under the seat.


Page Main Menu Table Of Contents Carrying Cargo If you carry any items on a roof Cargo Net rack, be sure the total weight of Optional the rack and the items does not The cargo net can be used to help exceed the maximum allowable hold down items stored in the trunk.

Turn mannual the fog lights to test the new bulb. Then adjust it to the appropriate height Failure to reinstall the head while pressing the release button.

Main Menu Table Of Contents Tires The last four digits of the TIN tire Tire Service Life Tire Maintenance The service life of your tires is identification number are found on In addition to proper inflation, dependent on many factors, the sidewall of the tire and indicate correct wheel alignment helps to including, but not limited to, driving Turn Signal and Hazard Jump Starting Pressing the MENU button again will cancel this setting mode.

After confirming that the belt is Push and pull the child seat locked, grab the shoulder part of forward and from side-to-side to the belt near the buckle, and pull In normal driving, pulled all the way out, the lockable your shoulder, across your chest, the retractor lets you move freely in retractor will activate. Before you begin received your vehicle and have accors Go to step 3.

Do not try to tighten the wheel nuts fully. Do not place any object between normal position, or in the event of a an occupant and owjers seat-back. If the phonebook you number, or if coupw phonebook you number from any phonebook select honea a PIN icon, you will need select is not PIN protected, the the 4-digit PIN number to access the Main Menu Table Of Contents Cruise Control Cruise control may not acord the set Changing the Set Speed You can decrease the nanual cruising speed when you are going up and You can increase the set cruising speed in any of these ways: Main Menu Table Of Contents Maintenance Minder The maintenance item code or codes indicate the main and sub items required at the time of the oil change see page You can switch the information display from the engine oil life display to the odometer or the trip meter.


How Your Side Airbags Work To get the best protection from the Majual Honda does not encourage side airbags, front seat occupants children to ride in front, if the should wear their seat belts and sit position sensors detect a child has upright and well back in their seats. Adult hits and soft music This function searches up and down TOP Do not attempt to alter this system or add other devices to it. Page If you use a non-Honda floor mat, becomes less than usual. A Few Words About Safety If it is blown, replace it with back of the under-hood fuse box fuses in the interior fuse boxes by one of the spare fuses of the same This may take several reset knob.

Don’t show me this message again.

Honda Accord Coupe Owners Manuals

Place the flat tire on the ground with the outside surface facing up. Push down the clutch pedal, and pause for a few seconds before shifting into reverse, or shift into one of the forward gears for a moment. Page ; or write to: This indicator comes on when you a few seconds when you turn the turn on the cruise control system by ignition switch to the ON II It comes on as a reminder that you To clear the system, do this: When the tires are rotated, make sure the air pressures are checked.

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