In this course, you will learn about the structure and business terms from the Management Accounting area Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) in the SAP system. All rights reserved. ix Course Overview AC old new R/3 system SAP system controlling Management Accounting SD Sales Order Management FI Financial. SAP AC – Profitability Analysis – EHP6 – (v – Col10 – Release) – Newest Added Sept SAP AC – Profit Center Accounting in New General .

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The key of the CE4xxxx basically consists of the profitability segment number sal is used as a join field for the table, CE3xxxx. Hints on Preparing This Course To conduct this course successfully, it is a good idea to attend the above recommended courses and work through the course flow and exercises.

Master Data AC the ship-to if there is one for the COPA-relevant transaction, and from the sold-to as a backup if there is no ship-to. You can then change this strategy to meet the requirements of your organization. This lesson is optional and at your discretion.

Profitability Analysis

What are the aggregation settings for the Number of Employees value field? Steps in Defining an Operating Concern You define the structure of your operating concern when you set up your system. It is required that the system access aac605 pricing and cost information and automatically apply it towards the planned quantities so that the revenue, cost-of-sales, and profit can be reasonably determined accordingly.

Ordered Quantity, Scrap, and Marketing Sa. To access a configuration activity, simply double-click one of the steps.

SAP – Profitability Analysis

In account-based PA, the account number serves as the counterpart to the value field. Code Crcy PrCtr Valuation: Begin your demonstration by entering another line item. It is important to mention that the data in costing-based profitability analysis is stored in separate tables, and the data for account-based profitability analysis is stored in the same tables as the other CO modules.


For example, it could supply in-depth product cost breakdown information from Product Costing, which is not available on the sales document.

Structures AC Defining Data Structures Explain to the participants that several steps are involved in defining an operating concern. As a result, both cross-company and company-specific reporting is required, in multiple currencies. The Concept of Integration within Accounting The Management Accounting contains all the accounting functions required for effective controlling.

F Execute the valuation function and take a look at the value field, Material Input. Participants are additionally taught how to create their own reports and report forms and to use the line item analytics function. Management Accounting is made up of multiple application components optimized for processing different approaches to managerial accounting. The definitions of both market segments and performance figures are freely definable, allowing for maximum flexibility asp market evaluation.

The Derivation strategy table allows the user to move steps up or down the list. They may wc605 combinations of product, customer, and sales structure information, and may encompass company code, business area, and profit center information, or both.

The choice is often determined by the country-specific legal requirements. Valuation Using a Costing Sheet: In addition to the fixed characteristics, up to 50 non-fixed non fixed characteristics can be added to an operating concern.

In most cases, corporations have only a single operating concern, which is recommended for the sake of simplicity and convenience if all controlling areas and company codes share the same fiscal calendar. The required transaction data also exists.

These non-fixed characteristics must be added to the field catalog before they can be used to define a new operating concern. In addition, point out the context sensitive help on the right Run a sample report.


The sales managers require summarized sales performance figures, such as revenue, discounts, and surcharges both along and across the lines of the sales structure, product lines, and customers.

List of standard SAP Study Materials

Create the data structures for the operating concern, T Notice that it also does not automatically back-populate any new fields for existing transaction data although this sometimes may be carried out using the CO-PA realignment or periodic valuation functions.

The choice of one of the accounting methods is often determined by the country-specific legal requirements. This unit explains how to customize characteristic derivation and set up the valuation for costing-based Profitability Analysis. Operating Concern and its Attributes For example, when a sales organization is Customer Product X: Tools Performance Tools 45 Minutes Exercise By choosing Application examples, you can view reports and planning layouts.

KNA1 Why are there no rule values for this characteristic? Internal Orders 15 Minutes Exercise Aap value fields cost component structure, This means the key field values need to be known if derivation is to be successful for a particular field. Operating Concerns Task 1: Read the sections on Characteristics and Value fields.

Operating concern templates offer the following advantages: If an entry exists for the material, this has priority over the entry for the material type.

Characteristic derivation refers to the process of determining characteristic values for each transaction processed by CO-PA. The characteristics are stored in the data division of the ad605, CE4xxxx. Data Structures Figure