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Treatment of cyan nided waste w water. Circu uitos y sistemaas. Assembling a mechanical assembly. Studyy and examinattion oratory: Wayys of minin ng, transportingg and handling g minerals. Design, detect and solve problems in Thermal systems and Air conditioning and Refrigeration systems using diagnoses tools and software. Select equipment of generation, preparation and distribution or air compressed. Leadership in the workplace.

Formulate strategies considering decision analysis techniques and solution, personal barriers, ethical criteria and tools for creativity and innovation as the most important problem or opportunity facing Design and acondiciionado processes aimed at developing the human capital of a business Develop strategies to help you locate and develop opportunities for employability effectively and efficiently Skills: None After h having finished the module, stu udents are able e to: Loads in alternating current circuits.


Annotations and concept maps Bibliographical citations. Are you still thinking for what the book is? National and a internationnal reality.

Tyypes of eva aluations. Calculation and definition of cost in a business unit. Indu ustrial Operatioons II: Application of removable joints with bolts and screws. Esstablish basic ccommunication in English in orral and written fform.

Definition of f the derivative of a function. Implementation of a maintenance system.

Module Handbook Programs

Volumetry of co carmicer formatio ion. Types Chemical Bonding and Intermolecular Forces. Discriminate thee relevant from the complemen nt of any text. Individual and shared presentations.

Worldwide airw of Peru. Diagnose failures in Thermal machines and Air conditioning and Refrigeration systems. Predicted by different methodologies both inorganic and organic chemical reactions Evaluate the properties of natural and synthetic, and combustible materials Matter. Known and apply technical standards and safety rules related with distribution networks, industrial and home electrical installations.

Perform functioning tests to Pneumatic and Hydraulic systems.


Intelligent behaviour, emotional intelligence. Spencer, Henry Cecil Blackb board, slides, bbeamer presen ntations, demo onstration of llab examples and experim ments, lab deveelopment tools and equipment. Pearson PPrentice Hall 62 Acidity and Basicity of Solutions. Estimate the reliability, maintainability and availability of components and equipment. Venza a a su peor enemigo: Use tools for continuous improvement of quality Use tools for evaluate personal and environment of risk Competences: Benzenee and electrophilic matic substituution.

Understanding a U and interpreting g basic general English texts. Powerr, energyy and efficienccy. Am mbitions and drreams. Calculate and d C design unit operrations to conce entrate a specifific mineral type e.

Calculus for the nonphysical sccience. Metho odology acondicioado op perational exccellence. Neuhauser, Clau N udia