Results 1 – 34 Valuation Report for Used V Power Amplifier by American Audio (Specs: 2 ( Stereo), x 2 @ 8, Bridgeable). Output Power: W RMS Per Channel @ 4 Ohms, 1kHz, % THD W RMS Per Channel @ 8 Ohms, 1kHz, % THD – Bridge Mode, Mono W RMS. Download AMERICAN AUDIO V V SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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No user serviceable parts inside. This booklet contains important information concerning the proper and safe operation of your new amplifier.

Connect a XLR cable to the input of channel one. The amplifier can operate at practically any power level without risk of overheating. Turn channel two gain up. Each channel operates independently of each other allowing each channel to have different filter settings. Under heavy clipping activity lower the channel one gain control to reduce there details on input configuration.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Below rated output, 8 ohms dB, unweighted dB, unweighted dB, unweighted dB, unweighted dB, unweighted Power Consumption: Dieses Symobl soll den Benutzer auf wichtige Instruktionen in der Bedienungsanleitung aufmerksam machen, die Handhabung und Wartung des Produkts betreffen.

If the carton appears to be damaged, carefully inspect your unit for any damage and be sure all accessories necessary to operate the system have arrived intact. Short Circuit Protection can usually be traced back to the signal output line i.

Always use the 50 Hz filter setting if you are using the amplifier to drive a distributed line ameerican also known as a constant-voltage line, 70 volt line, etc.

Channel 1 filters is control by dip switch 1 and channel 2 filter is controlled by dip switch 4. Ensuring proper polarity will avoid speakers being out of amerivan, that can cause a loss of bass response. During low level output the fans run at normal speeds. Low Cut Frequency Selector When the Low Cut Filter is activated, dip switches 2 channel 1 and 3 channel 2 will control the frequency roll-off.


Amplifiers are shipped in stereo mode. Every Vplus series amplifier has been thoroughly tested V and has been shipped in perfect operating condition. Use channel two positive output terminal for the negative connection and the channel one positive output terminal amerifan the positive connection. Never block the fan in any way or mount in an enclose rack, doing so may cause the amplifier to overheat and fail. Never plug your amplifier in to a wall outlet that does not match the required voltage of your amplifier, serious damage may occur to your unit.

Cooling Fan Dual speed cooling fans. This amplifier is designed to mount into a standard 19″ rack. The dip switches on the rear panel allows you to enable or disable the filter for each channel, as well as adjust either a 50Hz or 30 Hz cut-off. Power Switch – This switch controls the units main power.

The diagram below detail the functions of each dip switch, the functions are also printed on the rear panel of the amplifier.

Operating instructions AMERICAN AUDIO V PLUS |

Fuse Holder – This holder houses the external fuse. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Cooling Fan – Dual audioo cooling fans. If this line good, check the internal speaker connections and components.

Never block the fan grills in any way or mount in an enclose rack, doing so may cause the amplifier to overheat and fail. Except for an occasional flash, keep the “CLIP ” indicator dark to avoid overheating the amplifier channel.

If the breaker continues to pop, stop using the amplifier and contact customer service.

Insert the banana jacks into the caps of the binding post, be sure that the banana jack is inserted securely to avoid the risk of it popping out. The speaker wire may be connect by bare wire directly connected, usually for permanent connectionsbanana plug, or spade connector.


You’re reading an excerpt. For cable runs shorter than 20ft. Be sure your amplifier and all other audio equipment is powered down. Detailed instructions for use are in the User’s Guide. Be sure not to raise the volume to the clip level, however an intermittent clip signal is acceptable.

During signal overload, the limiter will reduce the input audio signal enough to minimize the amount of clipping.

American Audio V1000 PLUS Manuals

The XLR jack is configured as follows; Pin three positive, pin two negative, pin one ground. Cooling Fan – This v10000 is designed to protect the amplifier and your speakers in the event of an AC overload.

Risiko – Elektrischer Schlag! P Typical speaker output using spade connectors. If your speaker lines short, the amplifier automatically detects this problem and discontinues operation for that channel. An amplifier’s peak current draw at full output power into 2 ohms is several times what the “normal ” v11000 is, but its various protection circuits will prevent this condition lasting more than a minute or two.

After inserting the wire into the binding post hole, screw the binding post cap down on the wire.

VLP power amplifier – Amplifier – Audio – Products – ADJ Group

Carefully check the shipping carton for damage that may amerocan occurred during shipping. The power-supply cord or the plug has been damaged. The lightning flash with an arrow triangular symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of non insulated “dangerous voltage” within the products enclosure, and may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric aueio.

Be sure that your front gain controls are turned down to their lowest level full counter-clockwise.