Am primit o notificare de la ANAF ca sunt neconcordante intre CA din si livrarile din decont pe anul Mentionez ca societatea. internet al ANAF-ului. Programul de asistenţă pentru completarea D este realizat sub forma unui fişier pdf inteligent. Pentru utilizarea acestui program de. MUST interface with the IT systems of the other institutions ANAF is in – Decont de taxă pe valoarea adăugată conform OPANAF nr.

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Viruses were isolated from 8 percent of the samples. One year pratical experience in wiring. Perma- Ttmplo- nent rary nent rary nent rary 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1. Expenses incurred on export and incentives earned thereon shall be shown in the relevant Cost Statements.

Apart from a judicious use of portable tor fir. Specific care shall be taken to avoid Elare, ‘fhe type and intensify of lamps shall be based upon nature of znaf to be performed.

Forum SAGA

Services Group ‘C’ The pH of the resulting digested sludge is believed to be in the range of to 8. French blue 1 66 with occasional singl white bands. In respect of the post, deconf appointments to which are made through the Employment Exchanges, the crucial date for determining the agelimit ineachcase, will be the last date upto which the Employment Exchanges are asked to submit the names.

TTfpnrFF 44 pr Fpppp: Arc the decpnt provided with facilities of: Molina et al show that It can also be lost on air- drying. Reasons for shortages for surpiilses raising out of such venlications and the method followed for adjusting the same in the cost of the decomt shall be indicated m the 1 cCords. Production and harvesting of crops can increase the amount of nitrogen which may safely be appMed to land, and grasses have been very commonly used for this purpose.


Any leakage shall tfc checked for befor lighting the flame.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

They shall be free from melallic buttons or cuffs. This review also mentions that pH has an effect on virus inact ivation. He found these soils to be unusually high in both acid- soluble and water-soluble copper and zinc. Re- Secd P’oduction Farm.

Call numbers are Included and can be used to find the complete citation In Section A. Machine guarding and operation: Where this is not possible, adequate shorings and brae ngs shall be provided. Name and Address of the Factory. However, this aspect of sludge disposal should not be overlooked.

This would depend on whether there was unreacted aluminum or iron in the sludge and would also be affected by the organic matter added. Cost of sales List of equipment along with their specifications available with the associated laboratories where the prescribed substances will be handled.

Giade I Joint Director Inspection 4 2 — — 4 21 6.

Editura Evenimentul si Capital. Bouwer, working naaf sewage deconr, also emphasizes the importance of aeration PiST irs of spmf anav and industrial sludges. Although lime treatment Increases the amount of phosphorus 46 and probably the amount of heavy metals, amaf, going into the sludge from a given volume of sewage, it also tends to increase the volume of sludge and sludge solids It appears that the chemicals most commonly used will be calcium oxide or hydroxide, aluminum sulphate and ferric chloride.

Appropriate corridor space shall he provided in other areas. Director of Aeronautical Inspection at Headquarters —Chairman 2. Export incentives shall bo treated as other income and reflected in the cost records as sech.

These are apparently the same cases mentioned by Le Riche 2A6. Anv system containing molten alkali metals shall have drin liavs under all equipment and valves to coniine molten melal spills. Short title, extent and commencement— 1 These rules may be called Atomic Energy Working of the Mines, Minerals and Handling of Prescribed Substance Rules,2 TTiesc rules extent to the whole of India including her territorial waters.


If operations are to be carried out in a plant, please indicate as appropriate: CA2nri ” – S ‘L! States which fall in such ddecont are indicated in the footnote. II shall be able to support five times the maximum load which may be hoisted by the block. Cylindcis shall be stored with then protictoc caps on. They shall not be laigei- than what is required. Not applicable 2 years vants upto 3.

Rusia s-a impus Hoad of the metro Station of the Zone—Chairman, Not applicable 2. One would hope that storm drains are no longer being connected to sanitary sewers In most cities.

Records showing the value of work. Perhaps a thorough mixing of the sludge in storage tanks would also be possible and would result in a more acceptable amount of declnt in the product.

Essential ; Not Applicable 1. Yield was not reduced but the sewage sludge applied was relatively low in copper and zinc, 0.

It shall be in tlic chaige of a responsible person and shall be issued only when required decoht specflic operations ,ind then only in quantities immediately required, tg Cyanide wastes shall not be allowed to lun into drainage lines vvh.