Some or all works by this author are in the public domain in the United States because they were published before January 1, Results 1 – 12 of The Antichrist (Great Books in Philosophy). Nov 1, by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche and Anthony M. Ludovici. The Lost Philosopher: The Best of Anthony M. Ludovici on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Books by Ludovici, Anthony M. (Anthony Mario) (sorted by popularity) – Project Gutenberg

Simon and Schuster, The new psychology and religious experience. A Text-Book for Tories. Hutchinson International Authors, A Newton of health. The Quest of Regenerate National Values. Ludovici’s doctrines were nationalisttraditionalistand centrally concerned with a form of eugenic reasoning. How to Rear Leaders.

Matthias Alexander, edited by Jean M. Forster, chaired by Wilson Harris. Second revised impression, London: Excerpts reprinted as m.lduovici I came to have lessons with F. The specious origins of Liberalism. Alexander” in The Philosopher’s Stone: The essentials of good government. Hotel food in Torquay, England. Faber and Gwyer, Homosexuality, the law and public sentiment. The Messiah of Ismir: Check out these Ludovici gems.


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Anthony M Ludovici

A Royal Voluptuaryby Oscar von Wertheimer. His Life and Works “the well-nigh perfect short manual” on Nietzsche. Sexual behaviour in the human female: Excerpts reprinted as “How I came to have lessons with F. Creeping back to the cross.

Anthony M. Ludovici Home Page

The Northern Review 1,p. Your email is never published nor shared. Because Ludovici was a passionate, principled defender of aristocracy and conservatism and a fierce, uncompromising critic of egalitarianism in all its manifestations: Education Childcare Schooling antony. In other projects Wikisource. He is best known as a proponent of aristocracyand in the early 20th century was a leading British conservative author. The importance of racial integrity.

A Novelby Felix Salten. Lay Light on Maternal Morbidity and Mortality. When examining unhappiness amongst his people he differentiates between the type of maladaptation that arises from injustice and oppression, and that which is resultant from degeneracy or morbidity.

Woman’s contribution to Britain’s national decline. Christianity, liberalism, Marxism, socialism, feminism, multi-culturalism, crass commercialism, a debased popular culture, and the denial of innate and unalterable biological differences between individuals and races, as well as the envious hobbling of the anrhony and the sentimental coddling of the mediocre and botched. The Duke of Berwick: In anthohy A Defence of AristocracyLudovici defends aristocracy against government in popular control.


Author:Anthony M. Ludovici

Views Read Edit View history. The Deuceby Alfred Neumann.

This page was last edited on 10 Novemberat National Vanguard, pp. Day, “What is Best Will Rule: Lethal benevolence in England. The heart of an Englishman.

The Hound of Florence: The Specious Origins of Liberalism: Retrieved from ” https: This includes a concern for the health of one’s people, that ill-health not only leads to maladaptation, but also to the decay of the strength capacity and character of the nation.

Alliance Press,antjony. Choose an option Hardcover Paperback Clear. If approved, it will appear here soon.