Taxonavigation[edit]. Cocoons of Apanteles sp. next to a perforated Papilio demoleus caterpillar Genus: Apanteles Subgenera: Choeras –. PERFORMANCE OF APANTELES SP. (HYMENOPTERA: BRACONIDAE) ON TWO AMARANTH LEAF WEBBERS: SPOLADEA RECURVALIS. 37e); tarsal claws with one basal spine-like seta, Apanteles alejandromasisi Fernández-Triana, sp. n. 8(6), T1 mostly white except for small black spot posteriorly.

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This image was originally posted to Flickr by gbohne at https: ElachistidaeStenoma completella.

File:Lappet moth caterpillar parasited by braconid wasps (Apanteles sp.) (5050724084).jpg

All species are solitary, with the individual coccon mostly white, but with basal 0. For example, the samarshalli group clusters out of all other Apanteles species, strongly apanteeles PP: This group comprises four species, characterized by a relatively broad mediotergite 1 its length at most 1.

Urogaster meridionalis Ashmead, In doing so, we also revised all 19 of the previously described Apanteles sensu stricto apateles from Mesoamerica and incorporate them here. Calliades zeutus or Urbanus doryssus.

Mesocoxa entirely yellow Fig. This group comprises two species, characterized by the combination of folded hypopygium with very few apannteles pleats occupying just outermost area of fold, small size fore wing less than 2.


Apanteles paranthrenidis Muesebeck, However, in future, practical and routine identification may often depend heavily on these other traits because they are easier to assess than the morphology of wasps 1—5 mm in length. Ovipositor sheaths usually as long as or longer than metatibia length, if slightly shorter 0. Whitfield3 Josephine J.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Rhopalosomatidae rhopalosomatid wasps Vespidae apaneles wasps, potter wasps, pollen wasps, yellowjackets, hornets. Metafemur mostly brown, at most yellow on anterior 0.

Apanteles hedyleptae Muesebeck, Synonymized by Papp When mature, Apanteles larvae leave their host and spin individual cocoons in the leaf shelter that contained the host.

This is the only group where we extensively used molecular i. Angle of vein r with fore wing anterior margin: We follow here the generic concepts proposed by Masonwhich have been widely adopted in parts of Europe PappBroad et al.

Parasitoid of cutworm Apanteles sp.

The sequenced specimen clusters apart from the rest of the species, differing by 2. The first three belong to completely different groups which can safely be excluded from the present analysis. Metafemur brown dorsally and yellow ventrally, metatibia with a darker area on apical 0. However, it does not have the elongate and parallel-sided propodeal areola that Austin and Dangerfield considered as an apomorphic trait defining the diatraeae species-group. Hypopygium without a median fold, with 0 or, at most, 1 small pleat visible Figs 51c54c56c63c.


Unfortunately, the illustrations do not provide all details needed to include the species in any key of this paper]. HesperiidaePyrginae ].

Another Mesoamerican species, Apanteles aidalopezae aanteles that combination of characters, but can be separate from the carlosrodriguezi species-group because of its white pterostigma, transparent or white fore wing veins, and rather elongate glossa.

ElachistidaeAntaeotricha Janzen In Mesoamerica three species are included: HesperiidaeAchlyodes spp. Some members of such complexes may be some of the ACG species described here, but it would be premature to even speculate about that.