Death and the Maiden. By Ariel Dorfman .. GERARDO: I hate to disagree, Roberto, but in my opinion, the death penalty has never solved any of the—. Ariel Dorfman’s Death and the Maiden is a moral thriller about a woman, Paulina, who believes that a stranger who comes to her home is the doctor who, under. Death and the Maiden study guide contains a biography of Ariel Dorfman, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full.

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Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Paulina records the entire confession and has Roberto write it out and sign it.

The time is the present and the place, a country that is probably Chile but could be any country that has given itself a democratic government just after a long period of dictatorship. Royal Dorfmah Theatre London. Her coerciveness has now allowed her to undertake the final decisions. She tells her flabbergasted husband that they will hold a trial; Gerardo is to be me defense, Paulina the witness, prosecutor, and judge.

The situation arises when Gerardo, one of the three characters, is appointed to the Truth raiel Reconciliation Commission, thus establishing justice as a major theme within the play.

She takes a gun from the sideboard, and stands listening as her husband, Gerardo, speaks to the driver of the car adn then enters the house. After hearing the full story of her captivity from Paulina, Gerardo formulates a confession with Roberto to appease Paulina’s madness and set her free from her past. How do you make the truth, how do you pervert one truth to bring out another?


Paulina mockingly questions the value of freedom in a society which has only provisionally returned to democracy: Playwright, essayist, novelist, poet, and short story writer Ariel Dorfman was born in Buenos AiresArgentina, on May 6,the son of an economist and a literature teacher. When she gets to the point in her story of first meeting the doctor and hearing Schubert in jaiden darkness, the lights fade and her voice overlaps with that of Miranda.

She explains that she has already called a mechanic, and when the latter arrives, she ushers Gerardo dath of the house to retrieve their car. Gerardo has a high ideal of justice which he invokes in an attempt to persuade his wife to release Miranda.

When dawn rises on the fourth scene, Paulina has returned and sits with her gun, watching Miranda. And how will she deal with Miranda if he is te guilty?

A Case Study of Justice in “Death and the Maiden” | Adorans

Indeed, such was the aim of the Chilean Truth and Reconciliation Commission, whose constitutive instrument enshrines the following guiding principles [1]: Evidently, this is one of the scars left by the dictatorship. He intermittently lived in Argentina, France, the Netherlands, and eventually settled in the United States inholding a variety of academic posts in each of the countries.

Loading comments… Trouble loading? His collections of short stories include The Medicine Goes Down and My House Is on Fire which examines how people retain a sense of hope living under an oppressive military regime. I found I did not believe in any of the characters nor care about their dilemmas which meant that it was also difficult to dig for the half-buried serious themes.

This is exemplified in his relationship with his wife. Dfath gags him with her own underwear, then takes his car keys and leaves. Miranda either is or is not the torture doctor; Paulina either will or will not kill him. Written By Jose Avilez.


Death and the Maiden

Under a constitution written during his regime, Pinochet himself remained army commander until stepping down in March, A Critical History published by Transaction, Book ratings by Goodreads. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. The goal this time was not the dorfmaj suppression of political radicals but the complete eradication of civilian politics.

Peron was resurrected in as the economic situation in Argentina continued to worsen, and the public, looking for some positive way out of the military regimes, enthusiastically welcomed his return; he died a mere eight months into his new term as president.

Death and the Maiden’s haunting relevance

Looking for beautiful books? Miranda stops to assist him. Just as today in Egypt or Russia, for that matterthose who had benefitted from decades of privileges and oppression continued to occupy enclaves from where they controlled the economy, the judiciary, the military, and threatened to return and murder and plunder and banish.

My goals were far more modest. Completing a University education, Dorfman became a naturalized Chilean citizen in But what kind of feat, exactly? Miranda explains that he heard a news story about the commission on the radio, only then realizing who Gerardo was, and felt he had to return to congratulate him on the appointment. Reyes, Carlos, and Maggie Patterson.