Ultra-low noise design, highest possible headroom, ultra-transparent audio; 6 state-of-the-art, studio-grade IMP “Invisible” Mic Preamps with dB dynamic. 12 user reviews on Behringer Eurorack UBFX-Pro. Find great deals for Behringer UBFX-PRO. Shop with confidence on Behringer Eurorack UBFX Pro 6 Channel Mic Line Mixer Professional Audio.

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The technical specifications, I will not dvelopper here are found on the website of behringer http: And the result is really satisfying trs. Very good value quality price! The manual may be merit in deepening an example configuration. For the price, it’s not a scam! It produces effectively what I instilled, non-parametric effects are nice and he added an external effect rack would be a luxury and yet, I’m manic. The hardware does not look like any solid evidence, but for use sdentaire trs is correct and 3 years of use regularly, I n have never had any problem.

User reviews: Behringer Eurorack UBFX-Pro – Audiofanzine

I spend too much time in my home studio, it’s her fault! All, it is the top I should add that I am not anti-Behringer, quite the contrary, I have a BCR following me for years and never had any problems like what In summary, this console allows me to mix my chtite much chamber music and for that I thank every moment spent in his presence. Leaving the gain of each track neutral, it introduces no breath it must be said is assisted by his compatriot, the DSP Ultra Pro dyne.

It offers the usual functions of the majority and we ask no more for the price.

It is sensitive to electrostatic environment you it seems. False contacts are also apparent in the jacks. Anyway, I can tell you that with the use that I had and the price it cost me my purchase is more than depreciation!


But it trs basic effects and unnecessary so they are bad. Log in Become a member.

All user reviews for the Behringer Eurorack UB1832FX-Pro

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. For a first table for a group I would recommend a soundcraft 12 track has euros with over mono tracks that our dear behringer. Mixer with internal effects and equalizer with very useful because it allows me to sublimate bbehringer monitoring speakers they are passive Alesis.

The manual, as long as some attention here is well put together, but it lacks some diagrams and it eurorackk have been perfect. It is rack many you know, know vs the other features! Everything can be routed properly, spare. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. But utilisablent 1 by 1 for all voices! But applying that product to its price is almost the “consumable” Although.

Behringer UBFX-PRO | eBay

And it is still like new! I had another Behringer when I was younger, she had held up behribger, and I sold as new, but there Yes, but the knobs are too tight can damage I agree that it is not expensive, but it is not a reason to get sloppy as! The manual is clear and sufficient.

Do not buy this table especially not for its multi purpose or for the 9-band equalizer, ub1832gx effect is very funny but the gadget does not exactly graphic equalizer on behrinnger sound! It comes soon trs has its limits! It’s a gift that has Monami the seller relies on the board and I am glad trs! I have hundreds of hours of recordings rptitions and improvisation sessions and I am still occasionally bluff by the record that I could get a table in this price range.

Yes it is two rack-mount metal part with his book. The overall arrangement of sections is practical and clear. I would do that choice again! eurrorack


The feature I like least: The handling is very easy and ergonomic. I still use it today against heart because beehringer choice, knowing that I sabotaged my songs with I cut my rag in slices rather than one cent pass mark for this shit!

I’ll spare now because I have invested to enlarge my stock pickups and I need more of. The manual is correct, but I confess to have understood a lot more for myself than even reading wurorack.

Everything you need where you need it, all inputs, outputs everywhere, inserts, busses, effects, everything you need for a home-studiste table or small group oriented. Frankly, this console epitomizes everything that is criticized Behringer years: Mackie fashion puzzles me more and they stuck a trial Behringer uh, the jealous should not be selfish like that and for behringwr price, I’d rather give my money to these pirates Germanic I love off -the-law is in my nature.

The manual is a bit tight at explanation, but gives us the basis for any departure. Yes, a section of 99preset effects and integrity. The default is that you can only use one effect of both By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. SOUNDS Brought from the breath at the gain this is normal, but a bit tooeffective for rglage trs, but I think the sound is a little too mtalique, it has no “heat”!

Good tt is said above! It really is disposable. Our members also liked: The console is very easy to take in hand.