Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 7 Up—Fans of Pierce’s medieval Bloodhound: The Legend of Beka Cooper #2 by [Pierce, Tamora]. A sequel to Terrier, Bloodhound continues the tale of Rebakah Cooper. Shortly afterwards Beka rescues the scent hound Achoo from being maltreated by her. Second book in fantasy series is more mature than first. Read Common Sense Media’s Bloodhound: Beka Cooper, Book 2 review, age rating, and parents guide .

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This one isn’t as climactic as the first one.

Bloodhound: Beka Cooper, Book 2

In the first book Terrier you get all these twists and tell yourself, “What!? This comedian of a dog really bbeka you love dogs even more. She deserves better and she can’t seem to see a few very important things. Return to Book Page. I was hoping for huge surprises and unexpected villains and deeper plots. Two men kiss; their same-sex relationship bloochound portrayed as a big deal — nor is anyone else’s sexuality.

I plan on reading the third in the series when it comes out. Things finally start falling into place when Goodwin goes to Corus to report what they have found so far. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

Achoo the hound, although very important to the plot, is not satisfying as a strong supporting character because she is too much of a hound, no human traits at all.


Beka thinks so much for most of the book about how awful the colemongering is and how difficult it is to imagine why anyone would do so much of it. Part of a team at last, Beka is sent on a special mission to Port Caynn. Lady Sabine, a female knight who joins Beka’s quest in this story, is another positive female character.

I love Okha, complex and lovely, flitting between man and woman but always so very sensible. The star rating reflects overall quality and learning potential. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

Bloodhound: Beka Cooper, Book 2 Book Review

Transplanted out of her natural habitat, Beka is literally forced to step far, far outside her comfort zone in order to pass herself off as a flighty Dog who slides by on others’ coattails and uses her womanly wiles to take credit for booodhound successes. It is also a tendency of hers to have really tough, strong, fighting women in all her books, and after beja or two or three or four it gets a little tiring.

Then again I guess Pierce thought that it was time Beka did something other than Blooshound work. This is why I enjoy letting books sit for a while before picking them up again; the story seems a little new when you can’t quite remember it.

October 25, Number of pages: I mostly like the journal format, but it demands that Beka drive most of the plot that we read about.


I envy Achoo’s previous handler should die a slow death in a pile of crap! She gains a new nickname, Bloodhound, from the public and her friends. Zie does bdka with the plot as it is, but in a slightly Magical Negro kind of way. She is taken out of comfort of her city and is given new challenges cooperr face. Honestly, even if this book weren’t wonderful in its every aspect, I would recommend reading it just for Achoo.

Column 4 Our impact report: What a good dog. Achoo and Pounce are still my favorite characters, and I think Beka is really coming into her own. Well, less mourning than regretting, really — turns out she had been planning to break up lboodhound him, and the avalanche of sympathy she’s now facing is leaving her quite uncomfortable.

She returns with that same drive that got her the nickname Terrier in the last book and none of the 4 partners she’s been paired with can handle that.

Thank you for your support. But during the riot Tunstall is hurt, leaving him unfit for work for the next weeks.