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These Standards apply to all members, pledges and initiates, undergraduate and alumni, for their conduct in operation of the Chapters of the Fraternity and their personal conduct in the name of the Fraternity.

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Good brothers are educated to be responsible brothers and better men, not trained or hazed. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These students devised secret signs, words and forms a ritual to protect their ranks from penetration and betrayal and to ensure the members safety. The drawing was originally created with a pen, ink, watercolor, and metal point on paper. The Pledge Pin, originally designed by Herbert Milton Martin, Eta, Randolph- Macon is an inverted triangle of black enamel with a narrow band of gold and the Caduceus surmounted by a circle enameled in gold thereon together with the letters KS.

Their itinerary included a memorable trip to Bologna. It is not used with reference to action taken longer ago than the previous meeting, and must be made and seconded by individuals who voted with the prevailing side when the action was taken. At the close of the 14th Century as the Greeks were preparing their defense in a war with the Turks, two Florentine noblemen journeyed to Venice to receive Chrysoloras, bononiq of the Greek emperor sent to Italy to solicit aid for the Greeks.


No speaker may be interrupted.

After preparing for college at private schools in Charleston, South Carolina, Boyd spent two years at the University of Virginia from to and served Zeta Chapter as Grand Scribe. Poor academic performance fades the colors of the Fraternity. During his membership, Jackson expanded and revised the ritual of Kappa Sigma. At any Social Event, no member may have alcohol in large quantities of individual containers such as cases or half-cases, or bulk or common containers such as oversized cans or bottles, punch bowls, kegs or party balls.

All your danger is in discord.

Occasionally a matter may be presented which one or more members feel should not be considered by the group: InWilbur F. Motions should be phrased as simply as possible and should be recorded by the Grand Scribe as they are made. Powell Epsilon-Gamma, Louisiana Tech. His facility for languages led his friends to call him the little Spaniard. International Headquarters The Kappa Sigma International Headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia serves as the administrative office and headquarters of the Fraternity.

Others use Greek letters in their names but are based on non-grecian principles. Damages or effects of unacceptable behavior should be the responsibility of the guest group.

Reports of committees 5. Only those members who maintain valid driver s licenses should operate the vehicle s involved in the trip. The Pledge Pin is an inverted triangular field of black enamel with a narrow border of gold and the Caduceus surmounted by a circle enameled in gold ddocet.

Bononua an individual is reasonably sure that the group is ready to reverse some previous action, he may make a motion that will affect this more quickly than a motion to reconsider. Precedence of Motions To prevent confusion, it is necessary that certain motions take precedence over others. Beginning inthe Endowment Fund established a dedicated Socet Scholarship Fund for every chapter.


No alcohol may be present preceding, at, or following any activity that is part of the Pledge Education Program of any chapter or any initiation, pledging or other chapter meeting. Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service. In the following discussion the more familiar term Grand Master is used for the chairman. He died November 29,and the era of the Founders came to an end. Today pledges of the Fraternity are privileged to wear a unique symbol of their affiliation with the Order the Pledge Pin.

It is the right of the chapter or colony selected for the visit to deny permission to the inquiring group.

Bononia Docet

The discussion of motions is carried on as is discussion of any other business. Brothers of Theta-Zeta gather at Leadership Conference and display their awards and achievements.

Once a goal is set, a plan can be developed to make the goal a reality. All members of the chapter should participate in these workshops as part Brother Jordan Baszner Nu-Omega, Tampa proudly displays a fraternity banner while traveling abroad to London, England in front of Big Ben. While the Ritual does not require adherence to any one religion, it requires belief in certain values, including that man is responsible to a higher authority.

Sufficient travel arrangements are imperative. Read more Read less. Arnold had a busy, but short medical career. We are believers in the power and glory of Boonnia, and you will find that the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and our association together in brotherhood, helps us to know, to love, and to serve Him in doceh aspect of life.

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