In Read My Desire, Joan Copjec stages a confrontation between the theories of Jacques Lacan and those of Michel Foucault, protagonists of two powerful. Publisher’s description: In Read My Desire, Joan Copjec stages a confrontation between the theories of Jacques Lacan and those of Michel Foucault. I wanted to put in a little plug here for Read My Desire by Joan Copjec, a work of theory that has been re-issued under Verbo Books’s.

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Joan Copjec is a philosopher, theorist, author, feminist, and prominent American Lacanian psychoanalyst. Again, Copjec argues that the policeman is too literal, too stuck in the literalness of the symbolic, whereas the detective locates desire at the point of the real, where the symbolic fails.

Read My Desire Lacan Against the Historicists

But the main point Copjec wants to get across and I think she does a good job of it is that neo-Foucauldians have largely misunderstood Sesire over and over again as well as Foucault for that matter because they don’t take the time to give psychoanalytic theory a chance. Jacques Lacan in Continental Philosophy categorize this paper.

Katie Glanz rated it it was amazing Mar 12, Heather rated it it was amazing Oct 27, Notes for Lacanian Clinicians. To understand the functioning of historicism and the science of psychoanalysis is equally crucial.


Instead, Copjec spends her time deep in the complexities of Lacan’s thinking, exposing obvious contradictions with historicism and Foucault’s major work. Not because every argument is bulletproof, but because it is audacious, comprehensive, and necessary. Trivia About Read My Desire: Copjec even mentions Trump in the same breath as Reagan!

Jeremy Valentine – – Cultural Values 6 Copjec then launches into a very complex and hard-to-follow discussion of Lacan’s theory of sexuation and how it relates ,y Kant. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Read My Desire by Joan Copjec | : Books

The Inheritance of Potentiality: Hegemony and socialist strategy Ernesto Laclau. Matthew Sharpe – – Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. As heart-stopping as Copjec’s introduction is, Foucault is less involved in this text than one might realize. The ego and his own Max Stirner. Find it on Scholar.

War dfsire Cinema by Paul Virilio May 4, In Chapter 3, Copjec contemplates Henri Bergson, the death drive, and Zeno’s paradox in order to try and explain the difference between the symbolic and the real. The Cambridge Companion to Lacan. This book is incredible.


Read My Desire: Lacan Against the Historicists by Joan Copjec

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. For Copjec, psychoanalysis continues to subscribe to the principle of sufficient reason, but it differs from the usual scientific assumptions because the actual cause is never directly representable to consciousness except as an absence.

The Singularity of the Cinematic Object. rwad

Anara Munkhjin rated it liked it Apr 26, Refusing to cede historicity to the historicists, Copjec makes a case for the superiority of Lacan’s explanation of historical process, its generative principles, and its complex functionings.

Robert Spande rated it really liked it Feb 20, Other books in this series. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers copjef over 50 million reviews. But this book focuses mainly on Lacanian discourse analysis and film theory the chapter on noir is outstanding. Copjec claims, via Lacan, that desire can be articulated even if it is not manifest in discourse in the way that what desire precipitates is manifest.