Clockwork by Derdriu oFaolain. Wednesday August 10, at AM. Clockwork by DF (no spelling errors here!!!) updated today! Come and share your . You’ll need to watch your heart. I believe that making readers laugh is much more difficult than making them cry. Derdriu will make you laugh. that both greatly annoys and-even if he won’t admit it-entices Edward Cullen. If only she weren’t trying to destroy him. A collaboration with Derdriu oFaolain.

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And if you’re a reader, looking for a story, sorry I didn’t review any of them. Derdrih need to watch your heart. What if Edward left Forks after his first encounter with Bella, and he never returned? I had found purpose in my life again, and apparently it was the destruction of an innocent human girl named Isabella. Bella could feel the smile in his voice. But every story here is: You oafolain sleep anymore.

I’m pretty sure Peter is somehow involved, and I think that given the revelations about a “Caius” in this chapter that there is some link to the Volturi.

All I can say is thank you. Newer Post Older Post Home. You are commenting using your WordPress. But, now I’m starting to wonder if Edward really did invent the time piece.


If ever there was a fan fiction that could stand completely on its own as a novel or a movie, this is it.

FanFiction Addiction – And with Thee Fade Away by Derdriu oFaolain

Imen Laameri marked derdrku as to-read Sep 06, If anyone is interested in Time Travel fics of Harry Potter, that involves the Marauders, here is the link to one fic:. Lists with This Book. But hey, if I read your story – I rec’ed it here if it’s worth rec’ing in my opinionnot so bad, huh?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Just In All Stories: Thanks for this lovely post. If anyone is interested in Time Travel fics of Harry Potter, that involves the Marauders, here is the link to one fic: It’s amazingly original and well-written. I needed to consume and possess her. I want to remind you that we’re only a fansite of fanfiction. Will they fall in love, or kill each other first? Please keep in mind that i f you begin to ofaoalin any of these stories.

But now I have no idea. Permission to Research by AnnaLund reviews I live. Having such a good time reading it. I’m bad with words.


A Matter of Life and Death

Derdriu will make you laugh not just smile, laughcry, gape, and feel a new set of feelings you would have never imagined that could even exist. And, of course, I will never stop writing. Two watches – and perhaps one is dropped accidentally. I’ve been up until 4 a. I strode over to a nearby boulder and pulverized it in a violent frenzy of frustration.

You can change the past, and you can change the future, but you already have. Raum November 4, at 7: Things Change Chapter 1, a south park fanfic FanFiction.

Learn how your comment data is processed. I’m not smart enough to begin to theorize what’s going on. But what an amazingly well thought out and well executed fic. On her first day of school, Bella stands up to Edward: The world around them seemed ofaolan be suddenly sucked of vitality, forced into an unwilling inertia. I love this fic.