Again, the eBooks reproduce the text, though not the exact visual likeness, of the original publications. They have been created through a process of scanning. history of the Sixth Edition of the Discourses should refer to. Web editors’ supplementary material at: A spiritual classic, in print since the s, Meher Baba’s Discourses throw the light of true knowledge on many of life’s most perplexing problems. Inspiring and .

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Discourses by Meher Baba

Then comes a stage where reason and love come in rapport and conflict with each other, yet the important factor is that they start coming simultaneously in the conscious sphere. Since spiritual progress requires all subconscious tendencies to gradually pass through the siscourses part of the mind and become refined and eventually eliminated, the explicit ego has to be weakened, under certain conditions, to permit this to happen.

Avatar Meher Baba Trust. The sixth edition of Discourses sold well and received five printings,, and He distinguishes meditation from concentration in that in the former the mind moves from one relevant idea to the other, whereas in the latter there is no movement in the mind, which remains fixed on its object.

Discourses (Meher Baba) – Wikipedia

Discourses7th edition, Thus he emphasized that a man who reads, in Vedanta literature for instance, that he mehet God and then says that he is God, is in fact a hypocrite, since he does not have this experience. It is a living through of sufferings which are mostly our own creation. Stephen Burras rated it it was amazing Feb 23, From the point of view of the awakening individual, however, Maya disappears completely as consciousness becomes free of its grasp.

Cowell defines anwaya-vyatireka as “affirmative and negative induction,” in his edition of Colebrooke’s Essaysvol. Nov 18, Ben Ihloff rated it it was amazing.

Oct 21, Gregory Day rated it it was amazing. The drive to look for nutrition is love. But the limited ego-mind identifies itself with its past, gets entangled with it and keeps alive discoursee pangs of frustrated desires. Indispensable for a seeker of Truth. Maya does not mean this world and its affairs. Other chapters discurses methodically with several aspects discpurses spiritual advancement and the spiritual path, such as the formation and removal of sanskaras mental impressionsvarious aspects of meditationtranscending good and eviland clarify Meher Baba’s views on such topics as occultismreincarnation and maya.


The illusion that this world and everything in it is real — and of feeling happy disvourses unhappy over certain mrher — is Maya. In this system of classification are also mentioned two types of meditation of the Spiritually Perfect: Sanskaras gathered before human experience are referred to as natural ones, as opposed to those gathered during human experience, which are referred to as non-natural.

This creates various erroneous assumptions from the ego’s side, such as identifying itself with the physical body, the psychological functions or the mind of the individual, or endowing external objects and events with values that don’t really belong to them but that it projects on them.

Michael X rated it it was amazing Jun 24, He warns also that many disturbing thoughts are bound to try to distract the mind from its object and he advises patience and the confidence that they will subside.

Pamela rated it it was amazing May 15, Several chapters are discourses on individual subjects such as selfishness, violence, sex, love, happiness and spiritual work. There is an objectivity to this work that makes it stand out when compared to so many contemporary spiritual works. The text of the Discourses was originally published serially as essays dictated by Baba on spiritual subjects, intended for inclusion in a monthly periodical titled Meher Baba Journal.

In the animal discoufses this love becomes explicit in conscious processes through instinctive drives.


Some chapters go into the human search for the Truth and Meherrspiritual advancement, aspirants, various states of God-realized beings, the Avatar and discipleship.

The only hope of breaking these limits is the appearance of a pure form of love, called Divine love. Open Preview See a Problem? While I agree that stories about the life of Meher Baba are incredible and inspiring, true transformation discourzes an ability to emulate a life such as His come from awakening to the Divine Love that he incarnated to share.

Meher Baba Media :: Audio Books :: Discourses Volume I

This also stands in view of the statement: The formation and accumulation of sanskaras occurs as much during experiences of one’s present life, as during past human lives, as well as during the whole period of organic evolution.


Next to God Speaks it is considered the second most important of Babx Baba’s books by diiscourses followers. Joseph Schlag rated it it was ok Jan 03, These compilation printings, over the period from toresulted in a five-volume set of books titled Discourses of Meher Baba.

According to items of experiences involved, two subdivisions are made: According to Meher Baba, the aim of all beings in creation, in fact the very purpose of creation, is God-realization.

Discourses by Meher Baba. Awesome guidelines to bba my involution. Discorses rated it liked it Nov 18, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Evolutionarily, the ego is formed by the inherent nature of living beings to store, integrate and evaluate experience around a central mental point.

Dissociative meditation prepares the way for associative meditation, which is spiritually more fruitful than the former. Yet the book maintains a methodical flow and structure rather than being a random collection of individual discourses.

An individual has to develop a conscious longing for this love and has to give up all forms of desires except for the desire to attain it. In the human level, with the development of consciousness, love, although continuous with its lower forms, attains a higher form because of its relation to reason.

William Olsen rated it it was ok Jul 27, Paperbackpages. The final emancipation mrher consciousness from the ego is practically impossible without the intervention of a perfect master or sadguru.

Nearly twenty years after Baba’s death, under the supervision of Baba’s mandali close disciples Eruch Jessawalla and Bal Natu, the discourses were given their final editing and took on their current form in a single volume, published by Sheriar Foundation in as the seventh edition, which remains mheer print.

The concept of Mayaor the principle of illusion, is not new to oriental philosophy.

In Divine love, lover and Beloved are indivisibly one. A lot of spiritual effort has to be made to weaken the ego’s dominance on self-consciousness and as the effort moves deeper it becomes increasingly difficult to proceed.