The here has no potted black box, only a bunch of TL and which don´t appear in the schematic I have (with the black box). Download Drawmer Drawmer mic pre & compressor ✅ Professional audio systems service manuals and repai information. Drawmer mic pre & : Full Text Matches – Check >> Voroshilov- jpg, , Schematic diagram OLDEST bulgarians doorphone.

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Compressing during a mix does increase the subjective level of tape and other background noises during pauses and quiet passages as maximum gain is applied when the signal level is minimum. Anyone have any info about the potted “VCA” module? Once schekatic valves had been stressed they needed replacing.

This rotary switch selects the compressor input source. The side chain access points may be used to patch in schemxtic to enable the compressor to act as a de-esser. That’s the only thing I’ve drawker about, and experienced. Hope this helps – the symptons seem to be identical to the unit i had to repair! Johan on May 29, The first board layout was also different, and the current replacement VCA’s won’t fit it.

I have the schematics and have been tracing through the unit, but haven’t found anything to lead me in the right direction.

Drawmer Electronics 1960 Mic-Pre/Tube Compressor User Manual

Bypass only takes the compressor out of circuit leaving the vacuum tube warmth in drasmer circuit path; the output signal is taken from the signal insert return point. If earth loop problems are encountered, do not disconnect the mains earth but instead, try disconnecting the signal screen on one end of the cables connecting the outputs of the to the patchbay.

As with other Drawmer products, the by-pass switch offers a choice of Normal, By-pass and Side Chain Listen modes so that if you have patched in any additional side chain processing, you can easily monitor what effect it is having.

In addition to the balanced microphone and line inputs on the rear of the unit an auxiliary input on the front panel gives direct access for guitars or electronic instruments. This fully variable control sets the mic input gain over the range 0 to 60dB.


This powerful combination of the classic valve circuit, offering unsurpassed tonality, and the low noise drawmee microphone input with up to 60dB of gain has allowed engineers throughout the world to exploit the full potential of high performance condenser microphones. For mono use, each channel may be considered as being completely independent and set draawmer accordingly. Use the Output Gain control to restore any level lost due to compression.

October 22, The VU meters may be switched to monitor either the amount of gain reduction taking place or the output signal level and the two channels may be used either independently or as a stereo pair, depending on the setting of the stereo link switch. Avoid mounting the unit directly above power amplifiers or power supplies that radiate significant amounts of heat and always connect the mains earth to the unit. This is judged partly by ear and partly by observing the gain reduction meter.

Of so schwmatic if they used optocouplers for it, then those are suspicious as well. Passive equaliser control, which can be set to provide up to 18dB of treble boost at 16kHz.

Drawmer Electronics –

Re valved it and problem cured for a short while before fault reappeared. Traditional moving coil meters are used to monitor either the gain reduction or the output signal level while an output Gain control provides up to 20dB of make-up gain. The tube gain stages are versatile enough to provide a clean, punchy sound or the gain may be increased to provide the type of overdrive sound associated with tube guitar amplifiers. Did one ch first and compared drawme Gar Gilles [ gtr amp builder ] while he was still alivehelped me build a gtr preamp design of his that controled gain from the cathodethat may have been too wide a range for a micpre but gtr would quickly get into overdrive.

There are four fixed Release times and a further two which are programme dependent. Three switchable Attack settings are provided giving Fast, Drawmee and Slow attack times.


Drawmer – Manual

The Drawmer is a two channel unit with each channel comprised of a completely natural sounding “soft knee” vacuum tube compressor and an extremely low noise microphone pre-amplifier with switchable 48 volt phantom power. I swapped many TLs with low offset chips to adress that problem. October 11, Setting up is simplified by the soft-knee compressor action which means that it is drawmeg necessary to adjust the Threshold control until the desired degree of gain reduction is achieved.

The first version of the potted VCA burned up and died pretty regularly.

If more gain reduction appears necessary, it is worth considering applying a conservative degree of compression during recording and then further compression while mixing. The same degree of gain reduction is applied to both audio channels to prevent image shifting which would otherwise occur whenever the left and right signal dynamics varied from each other dawmer any significant degree.

Download Drawmer 1960 docs – Professional audio systems service manuals and repai information

For use with stereo signals such as complete mixes or submixes, the unit should be switched to Schemwtic Link mode and both sets of channel controls set to the same position.

July 25, What do you mean with OTA? Btw, is yours the one that just sold on ebay? The actual attack time is further modified by the release setting chosen. The Aux input may also be used for processing the output from a dedicated guitar preamplifier, where the EQ can be used to further tailor the sound before it is compressed. With the programme material playing, adjust the Threshold control until the desired amount of gain reduction registers on the meters. Averages the left and right channel control settings when the unit is used for processing a stereo signal.