Coordinated by Stuart E. Eizenstat. Under Secretary of The report documents one of the greatest thefts by a government in history: the confiscation by Nazi. Stuart E. “Stu” Eizenstat (born January 15, ) is an American diplomat and attorney. He served as the United States Ambassador to the European Union from. The speech of the prominent Swiss politician Christoph Blocher referred to the so called Eizenstat report, a report which portrayed Switzerland.

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Assumed office December 18, It is intended for private use only. He has devoted much effort to various aspects of Holocaust Restitution.

It also included the return of art-works to their original owners, or their heirs, which had been looted by the Nazis many such art-works had been acquired at a later date by National or important private museums.

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All parties involved agree that there is no way to “make good” to these Holocaust Survivors for the trauma they had suffered, often as very young children, when they had been separated from their parents in or Whoever reproaches us for not participating in the war out of greed should calculate the enormous costs to Switzerland for non-belligerency, for defense, for the greatest possible self-sufficiency, and for the admission of almostrefugees and internees.


Stuart E. Eizenstat – Wikipedia

Items from these collections can be copied into your own private collection. Federal Palace of Switzerland, Bern.

He successfully negotiated major agreements with the Swiss, Germans, Austrian and French, and other European countries. Any other use of the website content beyond the use stipulated above, particularly the distribution, modification, transmission, storage and copying requires prior written consent of swissinfo. Special Advisor for Holocaust Issues —present.


Retrieved 4 August What can be deduced from the outrageous accusation of immoral neutrality? Views Read Edit View history.

He should calculate the major losses on credits for Germany after its collapse…. In addition, Poland as a satellite nation of the Soviet Union had to contribute to the development of the Soviet economy after the war. Eizdnstat Eizenstat report and related issues concerning United States and allied efforts to restore gold and other assets looted by Nazis during World War II: White House Domestic Affairs Advisor — Specifically applying to all software, folders, data and their content provided for download by the swissinfo.

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On the contrary, economic recession, poverty and rationing ejzenstat food was also prevalent in Switzerland. To speak of profit-seeking bears witness to an ignorance of history.

United States Deputy Secretary of the Treasury — Ambassador Eizenstat has written about his earlier Restitution efforts in his book Imperfect Justice: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

The former United States under secretary of state, Stuart Eizenstat, has said he regrets misunderstandings arising from his inquiries into Switzerland’s wartime past. This statement also applies to the symbolic payment of 2, Euros to Child Holocaust Survivors, negotiated by Child Survivors in Act and Act S.

Switzerland, the Eizenstat Report and Defamation: Astonishing Parallels With Poland Today

Distributed to some depository libraries in microfiche. April 20, admin 0. It also claimed that Switzerland helped to keep the war going by purchasing stolen gold from the Nazis.

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