In his “Primer ensayo hacia una tragedia mexicana”, Rodolfo Usigli El gesticulador”, observes that in writing the play Usigli appears to have pursued two goals. : El gesticulador (COLECCION LETRAS HISPANICAS) (Letras Hispanicas / Hispanic Letters) (Spanish Edition) (): Usigli, Rodolfo. El Gesticulador / La Mujer no Hace Milagros [Rodolfo Usigli] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El gesticulador es la maxima obra de.

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El gesticulador – Wikipedia

Matthew Leonard rated it really liked it Sep 22, Usigli offers a very harsh critique of the Mexican government as well as the Mexican re I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed reading El gesticulador.

El pueblo saw him as a revolutionary hero, and so he was one. Jul 28, Neal rated it it was amazing. I also jsigli how Usigli developed Cesar by introducing his family and hsigli frustration with him on an intimate level. I was very aware of the idea of deception as I was reading, and the questioning of whether deception is in fact lying or not.

Only Miguel clings to a traditional concept of the truth. This page was last edited on 2 Octoberat Este libro fue interesante, pero no is perfecto. This play brought a gesticuladod of interesting questions about identity to the surface for me as well. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Feb 03, Taylor rated it really liked it. I liked the author’s decision to break the play into three parts, each at time intervals four weeks apart, because it allowed for the reader to understand the progression of Gesticuladot new role over a span of time.


My initial criticism would be that the themes and satire is developed too overtly and that the lack of subtly in the dialogue and the story line take away from the play’s power as a portrayal of the impact of the Mexican Revolution. On the surface, there are two Cesar My initial criticism would be that the themes and satire is developed too overtly and that the lack of subtly in the dialogue and the story line take away from the play’s power as a portrayal of the impact of the Mexican Revolution.

Soulecito rated it it was amazing Dec 03, Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references.

I was able to connect with him and u Usigli’s book tells the story of one man’s prolonged impersonation of one of the Mexican revolution’s infamous generals, Cesar Rubio. Truth is what impostors, advertisers and politicians convince us it is. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I think these are allegorical of three parts of the Mexican Revolution.

View all 7 comments. Its debut in the Mexico City ‘s Palacio de Bellas Artes was welcomed by the theater-going public, but was met with hostility by the Mexican government. Lines about “apariencias” y “gestos” as well as power or deception struck me as repetitive and obvious. Some readers may criticize the quick development, overuse, and frequent mentioning or insinuation of the theme, but I believe this writing style to be a result of the authors’ during this time, s, own identity crisis.

I truly enjoyed reading Usigli’s play and have already contemplated how it could be staged. Fue uno de los mexicanos con mayor sentido de universalidad. Murderers could pose as heroes, thieves as diplomats and charlatans as founts of wisdom. His legacy will live on because of those who believe in it, just like the Mexican Revolution, while appearing to be a failure to some, lived on through those who believed in its purpose.


Rubio loses himself in his new identity, viewing gesticualdor as an opportunity to renew gestivulador promise of the Revolution.

El gesticulador

I would even venture to say that his role as a US professor is directly related to how the United States tends to be greedy, sticking its nose in other countries’ business. There is the poor professor whose name is Cesar Rubio and the hero who died in the war. I enjoyed reading El gesticulador more than I thought I would. Es considerado el padre del teatro mexicano moderno.

Rubio claims to be the deceased hero, telling the professor that, disillusioned with the course of the Revolution, he had embraced anonymity until thirty years thereafter.

La universalidad de El gesticulador de Rodolfo Usigli: Una lectura brechtiana

Rita Montes rated it it gesticulavor amazing Mar 02, El Gesticulador allows the reader to q This play is a perfect combination of raw human emotions and a reflection upon a person’s ability to reinvent themselves.

Jb Arteaga rated it liked it Jun 16, Open Preview See a Problem? El gesticulador by Rodolfo Usigli. I read this with a rather snarky voice in mind which I believe heightens the male dominance portrayed throughout the play. In their conversation, each attempts to blackmail the other.