George Frideric Handel: Aylesford Pieces for Keyboard (misc. keyboard works from Aylesford MS) – Play streams in full or download MP3 from Classical. George Frideric Handel (23 February – 14 April ) was a German– English Baroque –26, , Opus 1 No. 9b, In the ‘Aylesford’ collection the Alla breve appears with the title of FUGE. , Violin, G minor, , Opus 1 No. G. F. Handel Aylesford Pieces [W. Rehberg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 9 X 12 sheet music.

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Aure soavi e lieti. L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato. One of the “Dresden” sonatas. Probably first performed fully choral without solo movements. Let Thy Hand Be Strengthened.

Handelian FAQs

The Sinfonia was not performed at the funeral and was probably added later. May have originated as a keyboard work. See flute sonata in E minor HWV b. It is tentatively assigned to the violin in the HHAhowever the recorder is also a possibility. Handel’s earliest datable composition. The revised versions are designated 8c.


Sheldonian TheatreOxford. Originally written for violin and published in yandel different E minor versions for the flute. Rome, May — June The 2nd movement, “Nodi voi” can be found later in the Opus 1 sonatas and also in the concerti grossi as well as various operas and oratorios.

Rome, 13 July London, Drury Lane Theatre. Two movements added later. Joseph and his Brethren.

List of compositions by George Frideric Handel – Wikipedia

First performance probably in fully choral version. Sung at the Recognition the King being presented to the people. The piece was published by Piecew as Op 1 No.

Handel’s Werke” this composition referred to as Op. A two-bar epilogue may represent a planned variation.

Free sheet music (Haendel, Georg Friedrich) Aylesford Pieces

Based on Alexander Pope’s work. The bird-song motives of the 2nd movement earned the concerto the nickname, “The Cuckoo and the Nightingale”. Misattributed to Handel in Arnold’s edition and in HG Pasticcio, composed in Based on Alexander Pope ‘s work.

All works are opera seria in three acts, unless hsndel stated. Three songs and a trio written as part of a private arrangement of John Milton’s masque Comus.


Revised for the wedding of Princess Mary. Probably the earliest concerto in the Op.

Aylesford Pieces for Keyboard (misc. keyboard works from Aylesford MS)

My Heart is Inditing. Haym, adapted from Carlo Sigismondo Capece.

The trio “Thou rulest the raging sea” performed at Cannons but probably spurious; possibly composed by Johann Christoph Pepusch or Nicola Francesco Haym instead. This page was last edited on 18 Octoberat Single source is from a manuscript of organ voluntaries; probably authentic, though the text of final bars is defective. Ending adapted by Handel to lead into another movement. Probably between 10—11 October Rome, on or before 14 January Probably written for services held at aykesford church of S.

Identified in the year at the Royal Academy of Music ‘s library London.