JEWISH SUPREMACISM 5. JEWISH SUPREMACISM. MY AWAKENING ON THE JEWISH QUESTION. DAVID DUKE. Anti-Semitism and Jewish chauvinism. Check out Dr. Duke’s site! Originally recorded over 53 separate David Duke radio shows in , I’ve edited this down to. David Duke’s Preface to Jewish Supremacism — latest edition. Left: President Obama in the White House with Chabad Lubavitch leader Levi.

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Retrieved 30 July Jason Berry of the Los Angeles Times called it “startling TV” and the “catalyst” for the “overwhelming” turnout of black voters who helped Edwards defeat Duke. Sep 05, Sandy Angel rated it it was amazing. He was still in his mids and favid non-descript. Duke’s rise garnered national media attention.

Full text of “Jewish Supremacism by David Duke”

Preview — Jewish Supremacism by David Duke. Duke joined the Reform Party in while working for Pat Buchanan ‘s presidential campaign.

Prosecutors alleged that Duke raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in this scheme.

May jewieh, Greg rated it really liked it. Despite repudiation by the Republican Party, [47] Duke ran for governor of Louisiana in On the weekend of June 8—10,Duke attended as a speaker at the international “White World’s Future” conference in Moscow, which was coordinated and hosted by Pavel Tulayev.

Retrieved January 16, The puritan inclined Klan was shocked by Duke’s writing. Ronald Daniels Running mate: Picketing and holding parties on the anniversary of Hitler ‘s birth, he became known on the LSU campus for wearing a Nazi uniform. Retrieved January 25, American Nazi before [1] Democratic — Populist — Republican —; —present [2] Reform — The interview duuke out to be quite innocuous, and I hadn’t thought about it again until Duke came to my legislative desk, and we shook hands.


Between the primary and the runoff, called the “general election” under Louisiana election rules in which all candidates run on one ballot, regardless of partywhite supremacist organizations from jewieh the country contributed to Duke’s campaign fund. Duke says that he spent nine months in Laos, udke it a “normal tour of duty. He also claims not to support forced segregation or expulsion, although this is completely at odds with his immigration policy.

Jewish Supremacism by David Duke

Archived from the original on October 19, World Intellectual Property Organization. Steimel president of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry and former director of the “good government” think tankthe Public Affairs Research Council. Inafter his first, abortive run for president as a Democrat and a series of highly publicized violent Klan incidents, Duke quietly incorporated the nonprofit National Association for the Advancement of White People NAAWP dke an attempt to leave the baggage of the Klan behind.

If you want to learn more about the insanity of the left look into the Kalergi Plan and The Kinderladen Movement.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to David Duke. Archived from the original on February 18, He polled davif, votes This book blew my mind. He’s one of those “omni-nationalist” types. The Australian Jewish News.

Member of the Louisiana House of Representatives from the 81st district — Red Glasscurl rated it it was amazing Jun 27, Santa AnaCalifornia: He was particularly concerned with the plight of “European-Americans. Retrieved November 16, View all 11 comments.

David Duke

He won’t say that white people are superior to other races, only that there are cognitive and behavioral differences linked to ethnicity. Retrieved from ” https: Duke’s first lecture had been scheduled at Charles University in Praguebut it was canceled after university officials learned that neo-Nazis were planning to attend.


Duke later justified the repairs by saying most of his home was used by the Klan. Never has anyone parlayed an election by such a narrow margin to such a minor position to such international prominence. Archived from the original on September 25, The police released him early on April 25 on condition that he leave the country by suprfmacism that same day.

The Klan 2nd ed. Dec 29, Amazing Titicaca rated it really liked it.

To that end he formed the controversial group the National Association for the Advancement of White People, a play on the African American civil rights group, the National Zupremacism for the Advancement of Colored People. Tall and slimly built, he had a very prominent nose, flat cheek bones, a slightly receding chin and straight dark brown hair.

Jewish Supremacism

Also, this guy is largely mistaken in his beliefs but hes a lot less insane than you might think based on his reputation. For a time, Duke took Rickey to lunch, introduced her to his daughters, telephoned her late at night, and tried to convince her of his worldview: Lists with This Book.

Senate in and governor in By the time of the gubernatorial election, however, its leadership had withdrawn support hewish Duke. He also embraced a subject near and dear to every Jefferson Parish voter, protection of the homestead exemption.

Retrieved 7 October Retrieved January 19,