Cardiphonia or the Utterance of the Heart has 21 ratings and 4 reviews. Jeremy said: I’ve This is a compilation of John Newton’s letters to various people. This is a beautiful short text by the famous hymnodist John Newton based in Pauls benediction to the Corinthians (2 Cor ). There is nothing more Biblically. Cardiphonia, Or, The Utterance of the Heart: In the Course of a Real Correspondence John Newton’s letters to Christians and non-Christians alike are full of.

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Perhaps there is nothing but this thin partition of flesh and blood between us and those blessed spirits that are before the throne! That which is our cross — is not so likely to be our snare. Jeff Walser rated it it was amazing Jun 25, Jones had made a very good periwig for him only two years before. Though we can but lisp a little word about the Lord’s goodness — yet when He is pleased to be near us, his presence and blessing can work by the humblest instrument, and cause our hearts to burn within us.

Florence rated it it was amazing Sep 25, Those who greatly love, and are greatly obliged — find obedience to be easy. Newton went to reside in London, it was his practice to go regularly to the house of Mrs. May the Lord help us to judge now, as we shall judge then — that all things on this side of the grave are of no real value, further than they are improved in subservience to the will and glory of God; and that an hour’s enjoyment of the light of his countenance is worth more than the wealth of the Indies and the power of kings!

The Lord was pleased to lead him, he tells us, for the space of about six years in a secret way, and his religious conceptions were in many respects confused.

It would seem from the foregoing particulars, and many others which I could mention, that I have reasons enough to deter jobn from this. Chris is currently reading it Jan 16, Books by John Newton.

Cardiphonia or the Utterance of the Heart

Contents Twentysix Letters to a Nobleman. We have reason to mourn that there is such an opposition within us to all that is good; and we have reason to rejoice, for Jesus is all-sufficient, and we cardiphnia complete in him.


Such testimonies came to him from all quarters. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. I trust I do, in some measure, know what the Lord’s redeemed people ought to be; and I hope sincerely to be growing and pressing forward; but, indeed, I jlhn not what I would be — or should be.

So that while they have great cause to be thankful for the desire He has given them, and for the degree in which it is answered — they have equal reason to be ashamed and abased under a sense of their continual defects, and the evil mixtures which taint and debase their best endeavors. It would require a volume rather than a letter, to fill up the outlines. Lists with This Book.

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Oh, for a taste cardiphonix love and a glimpse of glory — that we might cardiphomia up as with eagle’s wings! Who knows — but a heaven-born soul, who is freed from the clog of this vile body, and filled with all the fullness of God, may pass as easily and quickly from one brink of the creation to the other, as our thoughts can change and fly from east newyon west — from the past to the future?

Page vii – Ye have said, It is vain to serve God: But these feelings would be very faint, if we did not in our own experience know what sorrows and temptations mean. It is generally true that the time of espousals, the beginning of our profession, is attended with sensible sweetnesses and a liveliness of spirit which we afterwards look back upon with regret when we are led into a different dispensation.

Martha Pike rated it it was amazing Jan 11, Twentysix Letters to a Nobleman. These are some of the advantages and good fruits which the Lord enables us to obtain from that bitter root — indwelling sin.

John Newton – Cardiphonia

Oh that we may set him always before us, and consider every dispensation, person, thing, we meet nwwton the course of every day — as messengers from him, each bringing us some line of instruction for us to copy into that day’s experience!

Wilberforce had visited Olney several times.

The strain of your present experience requires you, above all others, to be humble and watchful; and I trust you are so. Why can we not pierce through the veil of flesh and blood, and by faith behold the humble worship of heaven?

Captain Clunie was often at Olney and was sometimes accompanied by Mr. While the print is uniformly readable, it is not always easy or enjoyable. It is not for reading through at one sitting.


By affliction — prayer is cardiphoniia, for our prayers are very apt to grow languid and formal in a time of ease.

This version flows much nicer. You will do well, therefore, to entreat the Lord to give you a double guard on this side, to keep you in continual remembrance what you carduphonia by nature — and what you still are in yourselves.

Additional letters of John Newton

Nor is it safe for us implicitly to adopt the decisions or practices of others. I doubt not but the Lord whom you love, and on whom you depend, cardiphonis lead you in a sure way, and establish, and strengthen, and settle you in his love and grace.

This appears to be a print-on-demand book in which either the original scan or the printer is of low resolution. It was through Dr. He wrote it in but as far as I can tell its as good advice today as ever – it’s October 19, 0.

Thus, to have an infirm memory, to be subject to disordered, irregular, or low spirits — are faults of the constitutionin which the will has no share, though they are all burdensome and oppressive, and sometimes needlessly so by our charging ourselves with guilt on their account. The wicked world can see no form nor loveliness in the portraiture He has given of Himself.

Gavin McGrath rated it it was amazing Feb 15, Available via the Internet Archive here: Many instances of the like kind I have met with here. And I cardjphonia believe Lord help my unbelief that not one good thing shall fail of all that the Lord my God has, in his Word, spoken to me of.

And let them promise what they will, they do but rob us of our gold — to pay us with trinkets. While we have such a depraved nature, and live in such a polluted world; while the roots of pride, vanity, self-dependence, self-seeking, are so strong within us — we need a variety of sharp afflictions to keep us from forgetting what we are, and from cleaving to the dust. Dana is currently reading it Jul 05,