Breviario de Los Politicos: Julio Mazarino: Books – No le muestres sus vicios y no le reveles los que se le reprochan, cualquiera que sea la manera en que te lo pida. Y si insistiera con demasiada vehemencia. Breviario de Los Politicos (Spanish, Hardcover) / Author: Julio Mazarino ; ; Politics & government, Social sciences, Books.

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Suddenly, a man on horseback with a flag appeared, galloping toward them, crying ” Pace! Inventaire de tous les meubles du Cardinal Mazarin: Thirty-seven percent of his fortune was in easily transportable jewels and cash. Though he declined to join their order, he excelled in his studies.

Si tienes que vengarte, utiliza a un tercero u obra en secreto. One effect of the enormous amount of money in the market during the ppliticos of the Regency of Anne of Austria and Mazarin was a decline in the value of the Livre tournaisthe official coin of the realm, lost twenty percent of its value against the Florin.

His goal was to separate the members of the Parlement and the more radical Parisian street demonstrators, who were united only by their dislike of Mazarin and Anne of Austria.

Breviario de los políticos

Mazarin, a realist, knew that, given the rivalries between European powers, this project would never take place. In he received the title of doctor in utroque juremeaning he could practice both civil and canonical mazaarino.

The royal budget for was about million livreswhich amounted to eight hundred tons of silver or sixty tons of gold. Privacy Policy Terms maxarino Conditions. In November he left Avignon to return to Rome, carrying instructions from Richelieu that made him a discreet Ambassador of the King of France.


Breviario de los políticos (Book, ) []

Usa moderadamente de Venus, cual-quiera que sea tu estado, y esto siguiendo las exigencias de tu temperamento politios. When he was twenty his father politicow to send him away from the bad influences of Rome. In addition, he taxed all merchandise being brought into the city. The declaration of the Cardinal Mazarini: A notary who had advanced some cash to cover gaming debts urged the charming and personable young Mazarino to take his daughter as bride, with a substantial dowry, and Giulio accepted.

News of the arrest quickly spread in Paris, and crowds came out into the street to protest and to build barricades. It exceeded the second-greatest personal fortune of the century, that of Richelieu, worth some 20 million livres.

Mazarin brought together the Spanish and French commanders and explained the terms of the agreement, which were readily accepted by both sides. No le muestres sus vicios y no le reveles los que se le reprochan, cualquiera que sea la manera en que te lo pida.

Expenditures were the greatest between and Once back in Paris, Mazarin soon made an alliance with his old enemy, the Cardinal Gondi. Y no utilices inmediatamente las informaciones que ellos te hayan dado.

Cardinal Mazarin

Through the influence of the Colonnas, Julio was admitted at the age of seven to the Jesuit College in Rome, the most respected school in the city. Due to Mazarin’s efforts, seven Italian operas were performed in Paris between and The King, who had little love for the Queen and in his will had refused to make her his Regent, was furious; de Noyers was forced to resign on 10 April Write a review Rate this item: Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript.


Duke of Nevers — Advanced Search Find a Library. Mazarin continued Richelieu’s costly war against the chief rivals of France in Europe, the Hapsburgs of Austria and Spain. Kingdom of France portal Biography portal. Despite the peace, disturbances continued in the streets of Paris. Following the death of his first finance minister, La Vieuville, on 2 FebruaryMazarin chose a new minister, Nicolas FouquetAt the age of twenty-five, Fouquet had inherited a very large fortune after the death of his young first wife, and an even greater fortune when he married the second time, to Marie-Madeleine de Castille, whose family was one of the wealthiest in Europe.

A new crisis arrived on 19 May ; France declared war on the Hapsburg rulers of Austria and Spain.

The King did three days, then refused to accept it.