Complete aeronautical information about John F Kennedy International Airport ( New York, NY, USA), including location, runways, taxiways, navaids, radio. KJFK Airport Diagram. Airport Diagram. VFR Chart of KJFK. IFR Chart of KJFK. Location Information for KJFK. Coordinates: N40°’ / W73°’ Located 13 . Sectional Chart: New York . Airport Information For KJFK . Dec ; Terminal chart data cycle ; Notice: After 14 Dec , Z.

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Aaplroach an RJ? Strong tailwinds may be present on the initial approach, configure early to comply with speed control requirements. Babylon NDB 83 96 Please share it with us. Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting: Enroute Airports and Navigational Aids.

Flight Planning at skyvector. John F Kennedy International Airport.

So watch the guy in front and don’t get too close. I’ve done it several times since it was introduced and it works very well. When the surface aplroach is from expect low level turbulence because of power station cooling towers S.


Airport Detail: JFK |

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Concrete – Good condition – Saw-cut or plastic grooved. Lokks NDB 78 91 Refer to the notes on the port page.

Jfk Charts

The same as following the LDIN. Trust me, it’s much easier if you cross CRI at ‘, stay pretty clean, gradually configure, and start a continous descent from approx. Of course one must be visual and flying manually but the guidance should promotes safety. Do not step outside of these lights, as this would constitute a noise violation.

Sequenced flashing lead-in lights commence 1. We must be visual by ‘ but the autopilot can be used down to a minimum disconnect of ‘ agl.

Here is a legend for those types: Runway Weight Bearing Capacity in thousands of pounds.

Of course you could bribe wiggy for his overlay plates! Dual Tandem Wheel Landing Gear: If you see that a business needs to be added, modified, or deleted jjfk fill out our Update Form. Visual Glide Slope Indicators: Crews will then expect to be handed off to tower for the approach, expect a tower specified speed on the approach.


VNAV approach JFK 13L

Join the legs up and you should have something to work with. Last edited by Diesel8; 28th Aug at If you stay high to follow 3 deg slope for the left you will be too high for the right.

I uploaded this approach here pdf: Last edited by bArt2; 28th Aug at E Air Carrier Service: It’s either accept 13R or go-around.

JFK Airport web site. Speaking of amusment, you should see some of the “US carriers” overseas, the far east in particular. Add a Poll chwrts this Thread.