Hello, I am looking for a solution how I can do a crossupdate for my Allnet + NAS to Thecus +. Allnet has stopped the support, and I. Applicable Models: ALL, ALLPRO, ALL, ALL, ALL ,. ALL, ALL and ALL Please read the notes below carefully. ALLNET ALL RAID 5 with x GB Seagate Barracuda drives ( Rebadged Thecus ). Fan failed causing it to overheat which triggered raid.

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NetBSD on Allnet ALL6400+

Description Provides a description of the folder. The raw value of this attribute indicates the total number of sectors waiting for remapping. Remove document from Queue Click to remove all documents from printer queue Restart Printer service Click to restart printer service If a corrupt print job is sent to a printer, printing may suddenly fail.

Click Reboot to reboot without running the check. With the easy-to-use web-based interface, users on your network alllnet access these files in a snap. Allndt Press the Delete button to delete a selected user from the system.

Allnet ALL168211

Moving your cursor over any of these items will display the dropdown menu selections for each group. JBOD requires a minimum of 1 disk. Back Press Back to go back to the Disks Information screen.


A larger stripe size is better for large files. Module File Location of the module file. For more on managing users, go to Chapter 4: Public Admit or deny public access to this folder.

Add Spare Press this button to add a new Spare disk. With advanced backup capabilities, you can easily upload mission critical files to the ALLPRO, and even automate your backup tasks for true peace-of-mind. System Trouble The system has trouble if: If left blank, the system will automatically assign one.

All .NET Meetups – Meetup

NOTE Consult with your mail server administrator for email server information. This will lead to a catastrophic result that may render the system inoperable.

The various settings are placed in the following groups on the menu bar: Back Press Back to return to the Allneet screen. Add Press Add to enter the Add Folder screen. RAID configuration is usually required only when you first set up the device. Press Apply to confirm all settings. You can change the system information that appears on the Login page by entering the new information here and pressing Apply to confirm.


This will result in higher throughput. Plug the other end of the cord into a surge protected socket.

SG :: Allnet ALL Wireless Access Point

This warning is only used to alert the system administrator that there are bad sectors on the disk, and they should replace those disks as soon as possible.

IO Mapping There are three selections available: Keep packaging out of the reach of children.

After entering the information, press Apply to create new folder. RAID 10 requires 4 disks.

You may change any of these items and press Apply to confirm your settings. For more information on configuring Active Directory, see Chapter 4: The more precies your question is, the higher the chances of quickly receiving an answer from another user.