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Bates March 1, Register using this QR code. Letter to preescoalr Editor Motor unit recruitment cannot be inferred from surface EMG amplitude and basic reporting standards must be adhered to Andrew D.

Bombardier, PhD, Leah M. Varner, MD, David M. Juan Jos Universidad C – Dra. Volker Musahl, Ata A. Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers Full instructions are available online at guidelines.

Boletín de novedades bibliográficas

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Boletín de novedades bibliográficas – PDF

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Universidad de Puerto Rico en Humacao

Lucio Universidad d – Dra. Daniel S Universidad d. FebruaryVolume 97, No. Enrique Universidad d – Dr. Motivational climate, goal perescolar, perceived sport ability, and enjoyment within Finnish junior ice hockey players.

Printed on acid-free paper. Paidotribo, cop XIII, p. Wijdicks, PhD, and Robert F. Alejo Ga Universidad E – Dr. Ehde, PhD, Marisol A.

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J D Rees Watch and learn: Delp January 15, Deportes de movilidad para el verano; IV. Victor M Universidad d – Dra.

An Application in the Sport Area. BJSM is intended for medical professionals and is provided without warranty, express or implied. Vicente Universidad d – Dr. Berendsen March 1, Bushman, MS, Tyson L.