Frederic Anthony Rzewski is an American composer and virtuoso pianist. His major compositions, which often incorporate social and political themes, include the minimalist Coming Together and the piano variations The People. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Attica / Coming Together / Les Moutons De Panurge on Discogs. Coming Together / Attica / Les Moutons De Panurge by Frederic Rzewski, released 10 October 1. Coming Together 2. Attica 3.

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Coming Together (Rzewski, Frederic)

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It’s really nothing more than a short text read over a repetitive, fast sequence, much of which is played in unison.

The fixity of the sound images is incisive, unnerving and melancholic, embroidering a solid togetther repetition.

These file s are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection. Views Read Edit View history. When section C begins, the dynamic indication drops cming subito piano — coing subtle musical surprise to echo the textual one.

I have long been a great fan of Coming together but have always wondered what the title actually means It seemed that I was trying both to capture a sense of the physical presence of the writer, and at the same time to tobether a hidden meaning from the simple but ambiguous language.

The music starts with the piano playing fast rhythmic notes while most of the other instruments playing longer tones over this foundation. Taiwanese performance artist Sabiwa uses warping bass, brittle beats, and shifting sample layers as the base for her charismatic vocals.

The piece ends exactly how it started, but in reverse — perhaps a very potent metaphor for the life of Sam Melville and the other participants in the Attica riots.


White, Barry, Rzewski, Feldman”. These selections increase in frequency and intensity, culminating with all performers playing every note of the original melody in unison. I read it over and over again. This site rzewskki cookies. Or browse results titled:.

Each section has a target melody consisting of a series rzewskki rising or falling lines which move sequentially through the gamut; the direction and sequential size of these lines vary from section to section, although every melody is 28 notes total.

The speaker, who only a moment before was Sam Melville in the moments before his death, is now Clark, leaving the scene of a terrible ordeal.

Frederic Rzewski

Starting with A and B as the original themes, they are both treated to increasing levels of variation before gradually returning. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Gs as loudly as possible before cutting off without any ritardando or diminuendo as a. I would love to hear the album in its entirety but none of the links work. It might be of interest to note a couple of details that are at variance with the most common versions of the historical background of the piece, as you and most commentators have encountered them.

Too Many Zooz return with holiday classics performed in their own inimitable rzfwski. Rzewski also employs word painting techniques throughout the piece to further the unification process and musically express the emotionality involved in the procedure.

These details and more can be found at sammelville. Have you heard the version with the narration by rapper Mos Def, which was just posted on YouTube? It’s much slower, calmer and droning than “Coming Together”. The different combination of the verses produce a psychosis or obsession of a cathartic experience, at the same time emotional, physical and mental. The second sentence is then removed as the remainder are recited, then the third, and so on.


Performer Pages Noszferatu Contemporary music collective rzewskk. Together combined with the test of time has many who initially dismissed the work to acknowledge its artistry. These pitches are combined and recombined, subjected to rigorous yet slow-moving processes, such that the rzeeski remains maddeningly familiar but never predictable.

The text comes from a letter written by Sam Melville, who was an inmate at Attica prison, and was one of the leaders of the Attica riots, where Melville was killed.

On the one hand, the players are given freedom to choose what they play; on the other, the very conditions of the freedom serves to highlight the ways in which they are constrained. At the same time, instructions are given to the other instrumentalists that grant them a certain amount of freedom as to what to play, while at the same time drastically circumscribing their choices, and, of course, imposing on them a general form that delineates their actions as part of a musical composition.

On Frederic Rzewski’s “Coming Together” — Michael Lewanski, conductor

Five Dramas For Swollen Emotions. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Posted by Aaron at 7: But the overall effect it creates is of a very slow build up of tension to an incredible climax after 19 minutes.