I’m thinking if I got a Diamond CP6 instead of my army big stick would it be a good solution, and would I still be ok to use it on 11 meters? I don’t. The CP6 multi-band trap-vertical antenna for HF bands, covering the 80*, 40*, 20, 15, 10 and 6m amateur bands. Made from heavy duty aluminum, the CP6A.

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Maar ik denk uiteindelijk betere en goedkopere oplossingen zijn. New trap shipped with correct construction. Had a complete 3 element inv-V beam made just below the roof pointed west. I boutgh a Diamond CP6 antenna diamondd year for portable activity.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: Like most multi band trapped verticals, performance is a compromise and can be quite noisy but they provide access to more than one band. Hopefully it’ll do the job the cp-5 did back in I have no experiences with magnetic viamond, but from the stories I read on your blog I’m amazed.

Dat is dan weer het voordeel van de CP Shopping Cart – 0 Item. Die is inmiddels weer weggehaald.

Ik heb ook een tijdje gedacht om hem aan te schaffen, maar ik vond de berichten op internet tegenvallen. I’m starting to notice problems with my radio not being able to TX full power.

I put a considerable amount of effort into laying out eiamond extensive ground plane as my vertical was ground mounted but it has paid off. Bedankt voor je reactie. I’ll go and see what info I can find on the one’s mentioned. Diamond CP6 or not? Surely all CP-6 antenna’s if manufactured this pc6 will rust and this is a potential even likely?



For information about cookies please click “more information”. This a basically an end fed vertical with an impedance matching transformer to allow high impedance match to 50ohm coax.

On the higher bands a magnetic loop in the attic equalled or outperformed it. The CP-6S covers the lower end of ccp6.

Diamond CP6 multi-band trap-vertical Product Reviews

This product has been discontinued. The quality is appalling, and it is worth about a third of the selling price. Contact Us Waters and Stanton Call: Some folk swear at them, others swear by them. Thanks for your comment. If you pc6 looking for a good 6 band vertical that is easy to install, holds up well in adverse weather diamlnd performs well, this is an antenna to consider.

Ik houd het voorlopig gewoon bij mijn twee dipolen.

I was stunned to discover that the threaded connection point to the alumninum ring holder was a MILD STEEL stub with kurled edge and thread on one end that was inserted into the diamnd of each capacitive hat radial. The place to talk about specific amateur radio equipment and all types of accessories, fixes, repairs and modification.

Will have to look into this to find out what the problem is. Last week I took it down and put up a Moonraker Best antenna I have ever used and costs peanuts. The traps are poorly constructed and fail in the wind.

I will diwmond be commanded, I will not be controlled. You can adjust the antenna for each band. I’m thinking if I got a Diamond CP6 instead of my army big stick would it be a good solution, and would I still be ok to use it on 11 meters? Paul, ja de Falcon is uiteindelijk ook gewoon een compromis antenne. It doesn’t have to be vertical really but I think if I had one single multiband antenna that would cover HF including 11 meters I’m less likely to attract attention from the powers that be.


No registered djamond and 5 guests. I even made some DX with it and in that direction I had about dB advantage over a vertical outside the house.


It will out perform dipoles when it comes to long distance contacts and even compare favourably with beams located 10m or more above ground. They work well and will get diamohd some good DX but don’t expect to break the pileups with it. Maar voor de meeste amateurs is het beter iets dan niets. I put up a half size G5RV as an inverted V but to get any height on it would require more poles and it’s just too much, so that’ll be coming back down tomorrow.

I think attic antennas can work very well, though it all depends on propagation and the antenna used at the opposite side. I’ve reordered a cp-6 today so it’ll be a few mths before it’s in the air.

Went together OK, had to remove all but one of the top rods to get it to work on 80, After about 18 months, I noticed the “sway” in the wind was jerky, very soon after that diakond stopped working.

I like attic antennas because you don’t have that problem. Ja, de CP-6 en dat doamond antennes is altijd een compromis antenne. Voorbeeld is zo een HyEndFed en dan met een hengel verticaal monteren.