Initially we are starting with English translation but we would try to arrange for Though dhivya prabandham only indicates the thamizh pAsurams composed by to understand every word of divya prabhandam though I learn it from a guru. The Divya Prabandham is the Divine collection of hymns sung by Azhvars who lived in the southern part of India before 8th century term azhvar. Divya-Prabandham Life and works of Azhwars. Summary of the works. Texts(Moolam): English, Kannada, Tamil. Explanations.

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There was a dark period in the history where the dhivya prabandhams were lost in time after the time of AzhwArs. He was engaged in giving lectures everyday close to the sanctum sanctorium of periya perumAL — SrI ranganAtha. From your work I and many people will be able divta learn pasurams. Thanks and God bless. Although, I could make out the meanings of some of the words in the pasurams, I was unable to extract the full meaning and thus the essence of the pasuram.

Prominent among its 4, verses are the over 1, verses known as the Tiruvaymoli or Thiruvaaymozhi “words of the sacred mouth”composed by Nammalvar Kaari Maaran, Sadagopan of Alwarthirunagari Temple and which forms the third portion of the overall Divya Prabanduam. To facilitate the upliftment of such suffering jIvAthmA s, he gives body and senses for the jIvAthmA s during srushti creationreveals the sAsthram scriptureshimself descends in to the material world as various incarnations like SrI rAma, krishNa, etc.


Stotras, ashtottaras, vedamantras, vratas, subhashitas in Kannada. It’s primarily devoted to giving a Tamil translation and commentary for each Alwar pasuram, but the webpage for each Alwar pasuram also contains an English translation. One of the verses also mentioned Aayiraththul Ippaththu Tamil: Found it very useful. We are constantly adding e-books in our website as we complete series of articles. I was wondering if you could winzip all the english translation of the Divya Prabhandam and other commentaries into a single file so that it will be easy to download.

Nalayira Divyaprabandam

The count of is not absolute but is an approximation and rounding up. Keeping this in mind, with the aim of translating all of dhivya prabandhams, we are prabandhm humbly in this great endeavour. Please keep up the good work.

Thiruvaimozhi – pasuram – Error corrected 3. We have a great desire to complete this translation kainkaryam by May, when we will commemorate the th year appearance day of SrI rAmAnuja.

sri vaishnava – Is there a good book in English on Divya Prabhandam? – Hinduism Stack Exchange

The works were lost before they were collected and organized in the form of an anthology by Nathamuni. Part of a series on. I request you to kindly include kannada version of this page, since there are many kannada visitors to this page as well. Even after all of these, the jIvAthmA s are not really willing to learn the true knowledge and accept difya supremacy.

Thank you for this invaluable service. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The word to word meaning and the simple translation in English has helped me a lot to know the meaning of more words. Please read the following articles which go through them in detail:.


Him being the supreme father of every one, he was unable to bear the suffering of his children who are caught in the cycle prabaandham birth and death in the material world. The whole purpose of these dhivya prabandhams is to uplift the jIvAthmA s by transmitting true knowledge.

Thirukkulandhai Pasuram – Error corrected 2. So he chooses a select few of them, blesses them with divine knowledge and makes them AzhwArs. Account Options Sign in.

Naalayira Divya Prabhandham

I request all your support in achieving this task. It would be very useful to understand the validity and glories of AzhwArs and their dhivya prabhandhams. Is there a good book in English on Divya Prabhandam?

I want to learn Tamil Veda but not able as I am not able to understand. With the blessings of bhagavAnenvlish and AchAryaswe plan to do a faithful kainkaryam of translating these dhivya prabandhams which will be useful for many generations to come. Brahmin Tamil Arwi Malaysian Tamil.

In any case, I know of two English translations of the entire Naalayira Divya Prabhandham, both of them online:. He personally searched for all the lost literature, studied them, recorded them in palm leaves with great difficulty and preserved them for future generations to come.

Hindu texts Tamil-language literature Medieval literature Alvars.