Purpose The objective of the Eco-boulevard is two fold: one of a social nature, aimed to generate activity, and one of an environmental nature. En la exposición podrás encontrar dos obras de Ecosistema urbano, el Ecobulevar de Vallecas, un espacio público bioclimáticamente acondicionado creado. The project, together with the Ecobulevar de Vallecas (which was awarded back in ) is now part of the Best Practices Database “as a way.

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Aunque ya lo hemos explicado en algun otro momento en el blog, hoy os lo recordamos. The means by which it fallecas hoped to achieve this aim was to make it especially attractive in the eyes of its potential users.

November 14, Posted by: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This was obviously a major flaw and the towers functioned only partially, also due to the difficult maintenance of the water nozzles. In Ecosistema Urbano realized one of its most iconic designs, vallefas eco bulevard in Vallecas, Madrid. The second solution is to put a water source, if available, right under the shaft of the tower, a fountain or a small pool is used in this case, sensibly and evaporatively cooling down the entering wind.

Today, when it consists of two districts that bring together a series of markedly working-class neighbourhoods, it is once again a reception zone for a second wave of immigrants coming from all around the world, with which it continues its process of vigorous expansion in a direction southeast of the capital.

Diorama del proyecto Dreamhamar. Online mapping for civic empowerment. Misting is instead widely used nowadays to lower temperatures both in buildings and open spaces.

Plaza Ecópolis and Ecobulevar | Dubai International Award for Best Practices | ecosistema urbano

The user is invited to interact with the installation, crossing it and begin part of the fog it is producing, in this sense, this artwork can be easily assimilated to a public space generating a connection with the theme of this research. Paseo de la Castellana, 67, Madrid Horario: This and other sustainability ecobuldvar like Ecopolis in Madrid speak to a shared sense of community responsibility and interaction.

For six months the exhibition remained open and the engineers responsible for the bioclimatic design of the event collected data about the functioning and the performances of the design the report can be found in this book.


These two ideas are working together and reinforcing each other, as ecobulevzr new bioclamtic environments allow for activity to take place in an otherwise harsh climate. Actually the most important issue is the control of the water flow and pressure as it has to be correctly regulated depending on the actual dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperature, relative humidity etc.

The affect is allowing for freedom of public life to take place. The boulevard is part of the new district of Madrid, which was promoted as an innovative residential project.

Aerial view before the intervention. As the hot air passes through the inside of the pipe, it goes through a cloud of atomised water produced by the climbing plants and this moistens and cools it. If you keep on browsing, we will understand you agree with their use. Fog Assembly, Olafur Eliasson, Versailles However, by continuing to use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Doiztua Partially constructed of recycled materials, each of these ephemeral, light and dismountable devices presents a cylindrical structure around a large empty space in the centre.

Image Courtesy of Mapio. The third, and more advanced, passive cooling system based on windcatchers benefits from an underground water stream to cool down the water.

The interior houses a variety of programs and activities of various kinds. David Bravo Bordas, architect. Ser low costteniendo en cuenta el bajo presupuesto disponible. Aerial view after the intervention. Cuando uno camina por ciudades de pasado industrial, suele toparse con antiguos valecas fabriles, edificios industriales reconvertidos a nuevos usos o simplemente ruinas que esperan a ser derribadas.

Eco Boulevard de Vallecas. You can find more about the project on the www. Is the right to housing real? The project takes place in the desolate environment of a lifeless suburban development, and ordinary public space is not enough to support this freedom.

Doiztua The pavilions are constructed on metal scaffolding that provides support for five superimposed polygonal walkways. Esta buena noticia ocupa el quinto puesto. These walkways are exclusively for maintenance purposes and contain pots with climbing plants that are to cover the interior surface of the central patio.


This, combined with valllecas use of solar energy through solar panels that are on the ecobulrvar, will provide electricity to operate them. Each one of the three trees has different characteristics and each one is focused on a different aspect of public space, but in this case the most interesting is the northernmost one that was designed as a rack of twelve evaporative cooling towers grouped to form a semi-enclosed public space shaded and cooled by the bioclimatic tree.

Can design prevent disaster? Las calles se forman como sombras de un reloj de sol, de ecobulevat radial.

Assembly phase of Madrid Chairs. Three such trees are deployed along the meters of the boulevard, with slightly different characteristics, to accommodate a different type of open endedness.

Image courtesy of Ecosistema Urbano. In order to do so, windcatchers have to work ecobuleva with a water source that supplies water which is then evaporated cooling down the flowing air, this can be achieved in many ways.

Eco Boulevard in Vallecas

In evaporative towers designed to cool the surrounding space the process is inverted, cool water is sprayed with nozzles at the top of the tower and rapidly evaporating absorbs energy from the air coming in from the top of the tower, the cooler and more humid air being denser descends to the bottom and causing the area above it to cool down.

The proposal raised the conditioning bioclimatic main boulevard in the Eixample UE. Image courtesy of theredilist.

We propose the construction of three large cylinders aligned, forming a fun ride, that anger mixed with the urban landscape of desolate desert suburb of Madrid.

In the Sevilla EXPO this effect was widely used, large fountains and water basins were placed all around the EXPO along all the main paths and squares to increment climatic comfort, in some areas even vertical walls of water were designed to expose the visitors to an even more effective cooling device, but the most common strategy was the use of conventional fountains and mist nozzles integrated in the many green shading roofs.