Meaning of électrogénèse in the French dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms for peuvent rendre compte des troubles de l’électrogénèse corticale. Ces profils sont dans l’ensemble conformes à l’hypothèse d’un dipole à l’origine de l’électrogénèse corticale et suggèrent que les fuseaux et les pointes des. L’EEG montre une absence d’organisation physiologique de l’électrogenèse avec cécité et atrophie corticale sur l’IRM dans le cadre d’un syndrome d’Alpers .

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Les rythmes theta hippocampiques au cours du sommeil.

You can move this window by clicking on the headline. Seuil d’excitabilite reticulaire et sommeil profond chez le chat.

In Aspects anatomofonctionnels de la physialogie du sommeil, a Symposium edited by M. Phasic changes in blood pressure and heart rate during therapid eye electrogenes episodes of desynchronized sleep in umestrained cats.

In Physiologie de l’hippocampeedited by P. Recovery cycle of visual cortex of the awake and sleeping cat.

A new interpretation of the adrenergic nerve fiber. The timecourse of the mydriade response to darkness in the midpontime pretrigeminal cat. Orientation reactions in the midpontine pretrigeminal cat. Changes in blood flow of the cerebral cortex and other vegetative changes during paradoxical sleep periods in the unrestrained cat.

Responses of the alpha motoneuron in direct electrical stimulation during electrogenee.


Effects of lesions of the rostral thalamus corticalle brain waves and behavior in cats. An experimental study of the hypnogenic mechanisms of the brain stem. The correlation of the rhythmic waves of the hippocampus with the behaviors of dogs.

Somnolence caused by hypothalamic lesion in the monkey. Recherches sur l’activite electriquc cerebrale au cours du sommeil.

Meaning of “électrogénèse” in the French dictionary

Spontaneous and evoked electrical activity in the brain stem reticular formation. Brain temperature variations with paradoxical sleep in the cat. In The Nature of Sleep, edited by G. Two type of ocular motility occurring in sleep. Effects of complete pontine transections on the sleep-wakefulness rhythm the midpontine pretrigeminal preparation.

C potendal changes in rabbit brain during slow wave and paradoxical sleep in the rabbit. Controle reticulaire de l’innervation reciproque de la pupille et controle inhibiteur tonique bulbaire du tonus pupilloconstricteur Rev. Ricerche dettrofisiologiche sul sonno del cane e del coniglio. Blood pressure during natural sleep and during sleep induced by electrical stimulation ofthe brain stem reticular formation.

Effects of sleep and waking on activity of single units in the unrestrained cat. Comparative study of sleep cydeJ in rodents. Ses rapports avec l’activite onirique In Physiologie de l’hipocampe Edited by P. L’activite spontanee des cellules du systeme nerveux central. Les hemi-synchronisations corticales a point de depart cortical.

Hypothalamic control of cortical activity and some observations during different states of sleep. Le probleme physiologique sommeil. Brain stem reticular formation and activation of the E. Sur un stade d’activit electrique cerebrale rapide au cours du sommeil physiologique. Electrographic and evoked potential studies during sleep in the cat Folia Pstchiat. Neurophysiol, In Psychotropic Drugsedited by S.


Further studies on the action of adrenergic drugs on cortical activity. Microdectrode analysis of pyramidal system during transition from sleep to wakefulness. Approches biochimiques au probleme du sommeil. Effect of drugs and metabolic alteration on braim atem arousal mechanism. Hippocampal activity in the unrestrained rat. As per the Law relating to information storage and personal integrity, you have the right to oppose art 26 of that lawaccess art 34 of that law and rectify art 36 of that law your personal data.

Conditioning of induced electroencephalographic sleep patterns in the cat.

ÉLECTROGÉNÈSE – Definition and synonyms of électrogénèse in the French dictionary

Anatomical Aspects and Functional Correlations. Multisensory convergence on cortical neurons. Relations between gamma efferent discharge and cortical activity.

Interaction de la formation reticulee et de l’ecorce cerebrale dans le processus du reveil. In Monographs in Child Psychatryedited by E. In Progress coorticale Brain Research.