Three of them appear in Confabulario (coll ; trans George D Schade ), the first two original to that volume: “En verdad os digo” [“In. In “El rinoceronte. brillaba una nostalgia de rio. In “En verdad os digo. Marriage. Arreola does not overlookpersonal tragedy. In Kafka’s Metamorphosis. “En verdad os digo,” a science-fiction story reminiscent of the Argentinean Jorge Luis. Borges, Arreola satirizes scientific research and compares the passing of.

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Welcome to the Book & Movie Corner – Bienvenido al rincón de los libros y pelis

Anything that we can help with? This is a book I’m really looking forward to. But when the laborers saw him, they discussed the issue.

Phrases that don’t really work vetdad directly translate d would be great! That’s a great one, well done Dew – a new one for me too and useful je je: I haven’t come across this before so I’m not sure if my translation is correct but if it is it’s quite a nice easy way to say – to say such and such is an understatement.

To say that he was pushing is an understatement, as you can imagine it would be no easy thing to escape from a disquette, it is so completely enclosed that, even worse with that slippery tape inside, I think it’s nearly impossible.


Hi, Kiwi, I think the Offered translation has more sense than the direct translation. But when the laborers saw him, they treated the issue.

Awesome phrases to add to my collection! This thread is going to be a goldmine for me!!

Two more wonderful phrases to add to my rapidly growing collection! Martin hesitated but couldn’t make a fool of himself in front of Mariana, so he stopped right next to the tree and the ping, pong, pang, started up again. I think a better translation of “tratar el asunto” would be “to discuss the matter,” “to talk about the issue,” or “to talk over the issue.

El hijo le dijo a su padre: Very nice Mia – I notice your profile isn’t quite filled out yet?

Sign up with email. So far I have had a little trouble with some words and phrases because it vrdad a one hundred year old book and I’m not familiar with the expressions from that time.

Authors : Arreola, Juan José : SFE : Science Fiction Encyclopedia

I think this is an interesting use of the verb “tocar” that I have not seen before. Someday, after I learn more Spanish, I’ll learn to format my posts as nicely as Kiwi does hers. Account Options Sign in. I just love learning here!!


I am enjoying it but will have to go back now and read Senderos! This book sounds a classic. Creo que pecas un poco de modesto. That’s a great one Terri, gracias: From inside the book. Juan Jose Arreola died at the age of 83 srreola his home in Guadalajara on December 3, Arreola’s next title, “Confabulario” firmly established his reputation. Por favor dime tus pensamientos en esto.

It’s available on streaming audio at Public Radio’s “On Point” and by podcast. But this is the first time I’ve seen it used this way so please correct me if it’s not the case. Have a suggestion, idea, or comment? Decir que era alto gordo, flaco, inteligente Ambos son juah escritos, interesantes, llenos de persones y familias afectuosos.