Editorial Reviews. Review. “Oliver delivers a book that will delight her series fans. Adventurous and hypnotic adds more drama and adult content to this. In FORETOLD, the fourth Demon Trappers novel by Jana Oliver, Riley faces the final battle for humanity and Beck’s heart―and Hell is the least of her problems. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Oliver delivers a book that will delight her series fans. Adventurous Foretold: The Demon Trappers 4 – Kindle edition by Jana Oliver. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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It was nice janq see. Will he let her in? Riley saw how people talked about him, and she was more surprised when she firsthand saw how cold her mother treated him.

FORETOLD by Jana Oliver | Kirkus Reviews

Foreetold “battle” in question lasted about 5 pages and nothing really happened. View more of my review and others at janw blog: Jana Oliver is an international and Amazon bestselling author who lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Her ability to deal with the situations she finds herself in is a stark contrast to the impetuous, anger driven girl we first encountered. Oliver Forgivenoffers a standard melodramatic teenage drama paired with immortal power struggles, but she creates a compelling world for her story. I was in WH Smiths i’d already chosen a bunch of books to buy when forsaken caught my eye.

Overall I loved the book. Ori is also in this bookwill he ever gain any peace? All dies wird mir kurz vorher bewusst und ich habe Angst. Oliver has introduced us to so many different aspects of this spectacular world olvier the series with foretodl trappers, demon hunters, witches, necromancers and various others in amongst them all popping up at hana time or another, but none was been more brilliant than Denver Beck.


I should’ve felt happy when Beck and Riley finally got together since I’ve kept my fingers crossed for them from the the very start yet. It didn’t lag and answered questions I had about Beck. Life indeed for them had come full circle. Her name was Emily Rose. That was one hell of a book-quite literally. In this series View all Book 5.

None of it was interesting and I almost gave up. Riley has certainly matured as a character throughout this series.

Foretold Quotes

I have been crazy about Jana Oliver’s Demon Trappers series ever since I read the first book and with each instalment I have come to love the characters and the world she has created more and foretild. The Demon Trappers series is truly brilliant.

May 20, Suzanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: The emotional life of books Meine Meinung: Yes, it happens in real life but it’s not right so when the main characters do it and act like it’s not wrong for them to call names, how am I meant to find them likeable? Fans of the series will love Foretold but if you’re new to the series then I would highly recommend starting with the first book Forsaken released as The Demon Trapper’s Daughter in the US.

Why did she even have all those demon fighting lessons with Ori if she was going to rely on Beck to save her butt anyway? Riley and Beck face foreyold stormy future, as Lucifer’s ex-right-hand-man, Sartael, proves himself to be more resilient than anyone thought. There were so many times I had pulled my hair out of annoyance because of how stubborn these two were. Dec 17, Natalie rated it really liked it Shelves: It was disgusting how Beck judged his mother for sleeping around, one of the main reasons he thought she was bad mother was because of her sex life yet he slept around just as much as his mother and he didn’t think any less of himself.


Refresh and try again. We find all out about beck which I loved and riley has grown up a lot from the first books. Lucifer and Satrael and Ori were disappointing. I never trusted Ori when he innocently came into the picture, and I did not swoon over him while everyone was lost by his charming personality. Written a long tome ago in hopes that the book would be foretld It says on the cover that this is a book for older audience and I tend to agree, though I generally dislike such limitations.

I’ve loved every single second of this series. He was back and bad-ass as ever and his new demeanor was killer.

I just know this book is going to be amazing and. Well this is a tough one. Ok so you know how Beck calls Riley Princess? She thought things will change between them, but she thought wrong. Aug 08, Tilly rated it really liked it.

View all roretold comments.

Foretold by Jana Oliver

Utterly original it’s astounding to how unbelievably breath-taking this story actually is. I was thrilled with Riley in this book—I really was. Riley got to know more about him and how hard his life in that town. And I do love Riley. View all 11 comments. You are probably aware that I adore this series. He has Atlanta in his grip and is about to begin a brutal war with the prince of Hell. First of all, while I appreciate that a Scottish character was put in, I want to make something clear.