Get started with a FREE account. Dead Reckoning: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel. Share? Charlaine Harris- Sookie Stackhouse 07 – All Together The Sookie Stackhouse Reread: Book 11, Dead Reckoning . I give those jerks free drugs and sex, and send them to grab you, and they. City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare Forever by Maggie Stiefvater Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris Silence by.

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Your friend, Megan P. He adored Adele so much that he put the portal in the woods so he could visit her more easily, and I’m afraid he was mischievous enough to. Why were Lily Bard and Jack in the book? Bill has gained some of my trust and love back. If this technique has palled on you, avoid this book. Happy Reading 2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

Read Dead Reckoning online free by Charlaine Harris | Novelscom

Pretty much the whole book – In every book, with the exception of the last two, Read has always had a clearly defined plot. And certainly, there is no author’s love. They even brought two new characters fere plan and help but they ended up being useless.

She brings a twist in a book,regrets it and then has to think of a lame way to get rid of it. I realize she’s probably planning on addressing that issue in her next novel, but it wasn’t written as a cliffhanger, it just wasn’t resolved.


Oh, wait, did I dree that there’s another plot thread? This page was last edited on 29 Hsrrisat This is because the characters are so intricately designed they become real, the story lines while based in fantasy from the off never fail to surprise and thoroughly delight.

Alternative Cover Edition for: Bit of a downer really, but, if you love the series then I’d still get the book, because if there is a book 12 then you’ll be left behind in the storyline, like I said, this book seemed to lay the groundwork for the next book.

Dead Reckoning: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel

And suddenly Bill is back in her life, acting like he’s a viable option? The thing is, I am a huge fan of characters evolving and changing over time. The books, set in Shakespeare, Arkansas, feature charline heroine who has survived a terrible attack and is learning to live with its consequences. Cliff It seems the longer this series gets, the less interested in the books I become. And I’m not talking waiting for the climax, just answers to questions that you’ve been more than patient waiting for.

This couple has serious communication problems. I enjoyed the funny deac at Sookie on Pam’s behalf One scene in-particular, involving a gift to Sookie Though her early output harrjs largely of ghost stories, by the time she hit college Rhodes, in Memphis Charlaine was writing poetry an Charlaine Harris has been a published novelist for over thirty-five years. Living Dead in Dallas. View all 9 comments.

I began growing weary when the reckonning thing was introduced a few books back, but Harris was managing to keep a strong hold on the story and characters up to now, so I kept reading. I felt,there were a lot of plot holes. How to write a great review. Sookie Stackhouse is a cocktail waitress in Bon Temps, Louisiana. The circumstances were unfortunate, but since I knew almost cjarlaine about her, it was difficult to stir up any strong emotions with the direction that particular situation went in.


Our beast du jour for Dead Reckoning is our old pal Victor. I thought I liked Sookie Stackhouse, but the selfishness she is starting to exhibit grates somewhat at the end of Dead Reckoning.

Dead Reckoning

Yeah, good luck with that. After all, the gift had been given. Anyway, back to my point.

Why was that “package” hidden in the attic? A few old favourites make significant appearances here: A Fool and His Honey.

They have planned very carefully and in the end it seemed like the sufferings they endured and the time waiting was wasted since they defeated him easily. What was the deal with the fairies?

What can I say that hasn’t been said before. But I’d been afraid he’d talk me out of it Dec 02, Veronica Lucero rated it it was amazing Shelves: Books by Charlaine Harris.