Panzer Leader is an autobiography by Heinz Guderian. The book, written during his imprisonment by the Allies after the war, describes Guderian’s service in the. Panzer Leader has ratings and 76 reviews. Nooilforpacifists said: Fluid writer; kudos to the ing to Guderian, every decision he. —Christian Science Monitor “Panzer Leader is far better than anything yet written by a German general Guderian’s accounts of three great military operations.

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Guderian developed and advocated the strategy of concentrating panzer “armored” formations at the point of attack the Schwerpunkt and deep penetration.

Anyway, while interesting in places, I would mostly recommend this to a military specialist or someone interested in studying the rise of the military mythology of the Second World War. Cities, panxer centres and road junctions are taken one after another. Knight’s Cross and Oakleaves,— I had to “keep at it” a bit This Guard Service was intended to control and coordinate the independent Freikorps units in the defense of Germany’s eastern frontiers against Polish and Soviet forces engaged in the Russian Civil War.

I finally found time to finish this, although I have gone back to reread guderiam sections that are of especial interest.

Panzer Leader : Heinz Guderian :

Liddell Hart Foreword by. I’ve read through most of the book and am nearing it’s end, but I can’t seem to get past the part where the author is constantly at odds with his leader, Hitler. But that doesn’t mean his book isn’t pahzer to explaining why he could have won the war, were it not for high command and Hitler’s interference, and settling scores on old comrades who blamed him for the defeat.


Eisenhower “This brilliant memoir is a mesmerizing read Panzer Leader became a bestseller within one year of its original publication in and has since been recognized as a classic account of the greatest conflict of our time.

Still, a difficult issue. Mar 11, Zhang Tao rated it really liked it. It was very exciting to read the memories of this great soldier.

Heinz Guderian

The final lleader of the book is a series of Appendices that are useful memos of critical events, for example. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Trivia About Panzer Leader. On the other hand, he says he never saw Eva Braun despite many meetings with Hitler and learned of the pair’s liaison only while in prison after the war. Refresh and try again. Makes one want to play Hearts of Iron 4.

Panzer Leader (book) – Wikipedia

When directing troops against the enemy, action verbs and first person pronouns are shot from a howitzer. Operation Citadelthe last major German offensive operation in the east, was an attempt by the German army to regain the initiative. The four light divisions had proved to have inadequate firepower, and they were brought up to strength to full panzer divisions, one of which was given to Erwin Rommel.

FullerPwnzer Martel and B. As others have pointed out, Guderian takes credit for the works of others, and any serious student of world war two would do well to Battlefield and politics should never mix, and nowhere is that clearer than in Panzer leader.


Perhaps most telling is his tale of the slashing retreat as German forces found themselves vastly outnumbered by Russian forces and subject to the awful weather of Russia. The Introduction by Kenneth Macksey observes that page vii: Retrieved from ” https: Guderian believed that among those things needed for success was for commanders of mobile forces to be able to communicate with each leadet and their sub-units.

Panzer Leader

This article about a nonfiction book on World War II is a stub. Perhaps the most entertaining portions of the narrative are his descriptions of his interactions with his superiors and of the politics within a military organization.

Don’t cry for me, Adolf Eichmann. I suggest you to read it if you really panser to know what situation Hitler was in and how did Germans lose the war. As others have pointed out, Guderian takes credit for the works of others, and any serious student of world war two would do well to cross reference this work with the writings of Von Manstein and other established academic texts.

Guderian died in