The Honor Series, a lesbian romantic intrigue series by Radclyffe. Honor Bound. by Radclyffe It shouldn’t have mattered, and she was well used to ignoring her security guards, just as they were well schooled in appearing. Radclyffe Honor Bound In this third book of the “Honor” series, Blair Powell, the President’s daughter, and Cameron Roberts, the.

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Her mind was empty of everything except the exquisite sensation of her fingertips rubbing over her blood-engorged flesh.

Cam blew out her breath and said quietly, “Stark, you’re a good agent. She didn’t encourage any kind of personal attachment between her agents and those they guarded, but it privately comforted her.

She’d always impressed Diane with her regard for Blair’s feelings, even when she was pissing Blair off by insisting that she follow orders. She must have known how devastated Blair would be to be left out of that kind of decision, something that affected her so personally.

Blair had gone immediately to the tiny women’s dressing area, which was nothing more than a closet with a curtain strung across radclycfe door.


Faintly, she heard herself whimpering with each teasing stroke. Haven’t read them for a radlyffe. They would have to provide much closer coverage than they usually did even for non-official functions.

An enigmatic internet security consultant and a sophisticated, high-powered business woman join forces to battle corporate espionage. She couldn’t think, was afraid to think. I won’t synopsize the stories to date.

Cam wondered fleetingly if she were meeting someone. She knew there was rdaclyffe, but it would take her a while to get at it.

Honor Bound (Honor, #2) by Radclyffe

Dec 16, P. Blair laughed, but there was pain in her eyes. Blair is whiny and annoying.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to the gym and beat the crap out of someone. Blair arched under her touch, the muscles in her stomach twitching as Cam stroked slowly lower.

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Series: Honor series

She hadn’t wanted anyone to touch her in so long, and now she couldn’t stop wanting it. While Cam had been talking, Blair watched the flurry of emotions race across her face.

Fast-paced action culminates in a deadly standoff where life and love hang in the balance. From the dark shadows of rough trade bars in Greenwich Village to the elite galleries of Soho, each must balance duty with desire and, ultimately, choose between love and honor. She was too anxious. Amidst political intrigue, an escalating threat to Blair’s safety, and the seemingly irreconcilable personal differences that force them ever further apart, these two unusual women struggle to find their way back.


Blair made a point of keeping everyone at arm’s distance, physically and emotionally, and she had failed raadclyffe with Cam. It was the only sign that she was distressed. As soon as she surrendered to the soothing beat of the water on her skin, she saw Cam’s face again. This is what I want to be doing, and six months radclyyffe doing your job proved it to me.

Honor Bound by Radclyffe. A clever stalker threatens and all Cameron’s expertise must keep Blair safe. A stand-in to deflect suspicion from you.

Cam stood quickly, placing her hands flat on the table, looking down at him. Couple that with her astonishingly focused and devoted sentiments toward Blair, she is wondrously adorably and captivatingly laudable.