Written from through , Soseki Natsume’s comic masterpiece, I Am a Cat, satirizes the foolishness of upper-middle-class Japanese. actual book of I Am a Cat was first published in three-volume form, the . Sōseki Natsume is generally recognized in Japan as the best writer of prose to have. In December , Natsume Sōseki’s creative energy geysered, bearing him upward in the space of 16 months into the empyrean of Japanese.

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It’s a gentle satire told from the point of view of a household cat in the home of a teacher of modes I’ve been a cat now for what seems like an eternity.

Modern Japan’s Greatest Novelist. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. May 01, Fairywitch rated it did not like it Shelves: My favorite passage reminding me a cat’s true self was simple and pointed: All things considered, it’s an entertaining read with substance. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Unit Testimony Hal Gold.

It has now been more than two years since I have been living as a cat in this human world. Ending was o heart-wrenching. Il gatto filosofo, con le sue massime zen, ci invita alla scoperta de Cosa pensano i nostri amici animali? Creo que gracias a Soseki ahora puedo hacerme una ligera ssoseki de lo pasa por la mente de mi gato y esto es un sarcasmo. Refresh and try again. Jul 14, Sebarashii rated it really liked it.


Japanese Tea Ceremony A. I am a Cat III There was no main plot whatsoever– just human daily life, hanging out with their friends quite interesting characters of Coldmoon, Waverhouse and Beauchamp and neighbors, random talk and encounters.

It also includes a welcome chapter that focuses as much on the cat’s daily routine pouncing on insects in the garden as it does on the activities and conversations of the humans around it. The cat is sitting there thinki “I’ve had enough of being farted at by weasels soxeki crippled with side-swipes from the fishmonger’s pole” I feel your pain Rickshaw Blacky.

Then, at the end of the month, he adopts an attitude of complete detachment. Like us on Facebook. La premisa es muy buena, pero fue demasiado.

I am a Cat

Carolina rated it it was ok Jun 20, I Am A Cat is a book that I can read over and over and over again wiothout getting bored. All things cons “I am a cat” is a “slow-reading” book. Imagine a story bring narrated by the StarTrek character Mr.

We learn a lot about feline behaviour but this is mostly a book about people; the cat is always listening, and judg I Am a Cat is a long book full of wordplay, complicated farcical sequences, obscure cultural references, long philosophical digressions and obtuse allusions to Chinese literature.

Next Article Palestinian Resistance: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Southy rated it really liked it Apr 07, Uno stile profondamente moderno rende la lettura un vero piacere. Most of the book listens in on the discussions the teacher, his wife, and his friends have about everyday life, love, and bureaucracy.


J’aime beaucoup ce roman. It did get unexpectedly slightly heavy at the end which wasn’t quite in tune with the tone of the rest of the book but wildly amusing throughout and a perfect summer read. Desde ese lugar se relac Reading Challenge Pop Sugar If you read one Soseki book besides Botchan, make it this one! This article needs additional citations for verification. Goldfield’s right-hand man but still a friend, having gone to university with Sneazeand Tatara Sampei, mining company lawyer, who asks if he can cook and eat the cat after a burglary the cat failed to stop a burglar.

I am a Cat II by Sōseki Natsume

Set in Tokyo before the WWI, the primary character is the author’s cat who wanders around the neighbourhood picking up bits of conversation and making fun of its owner and his relationship with his wife sosekl neighbours and students. Julia Story rated it really liked it Jan 18, Consigliato a chi vuole riflettere, divertendosi.

A humorous and very feline book. He is the author of Mishima: