Janko Bobetko (10 January – 29 April ) was a Croatian general who had participated in World War II and later in the Croatian War of Independence. In , retired General Janko Bobetko published a book, “Sve moje bitke” ( unofficial translation All My Battles), in which he described events from Croatia’s. Publisher, J. Bobetko (Unknown), Edition, Unknown. ISBN, , Dimensions. ISBN, , Shipping Weight. Language, Croatian.

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Bobetko had been charged with war crimes by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia but nobetko before he could be tried; a later verdict in another case found him culpable for crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovinabut was reversed on appeal. Documentazione consegnata il 4 novembre al Presidente della Commissione parlamentare di Vigilanza Rai Roberto Fico in occasione dell’incontro con una delegazione radicale.

Janko Bobetko

Retrieved 1 July The extent bitie his disability was at one point disputed by the Ministry of Defensebut it was later fully reinstated by a court order. InBobetko uanko the most prominent signatory to the Twelve Generals’ Letter.

Bobetko commanded the forces which carried out operations in the areas of Dubrovnik, Ploce and the Neretva River valley and liberated Dubrovnik and its hinterland.

By that time, Bobetko was already gravely ill, as well. Nonviolent Radical Party transnational and transparty. The crisis stretched out as popular opinion agreed with Bobetko, and the Croatian government under the SDP-HSLS coalition would not assert an unambiguous position over his extradition.

Inretired General Janko Bobetko published a book, “Sve moje bitke” unofficial translation Bobetk My Battlesin which he described events from Croatia’s recent history.

Retrieved 8 October He joined the partisan movement in as a student at the age of 21, and some 30 years later was forcibly sent into retirement as a Yugoslav People’s Army JNA general for his participation in the “Croatian Spring” janmo. Views Read Edit View history.


His father and three brothers were killed by the Nazi-affiliated Ustashe. Bobetko fought for the Yugoslav Partisans from Retrieved 19 December Chiedi al Consiglio del Comune, dell’area metropolitana di approvare questa delibera. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After the war, he completed the JNA’s Military Academy, after which he held high army posts – from the head of the navy’s political administration and head of logistics to the post of a chief-of- staff.

Janko Bobetko –

He held the post until his retirement on July 15, He was an anti- fascist fighter in World War II and advocate of Croatian national interests in socialist Yugoslavia, a commander-in-chief in independent Croatia in the s, and an indictee of the U. During the Croatian Spring period of the early s, he supported greater autonomy for Croatia in Yugoslaviaand was demoted and expelled from the YPA in after Tito’s crackdown on perceived separatists and nationalists in the constituent parts of the former Yugoslavia.

Part of the Yugoslav Wars. ICTY confirms Croatia wasn’t responsible”. After the Croatian parliamentary electionsBobetko refused to accept the position of defense minister. This page was last edited on 22 Augustat Retrieved 13 September Bobetko died inaged 84, before any final decision was gobetko regarding his extradition.

Bobetko was survived by boberko widow, Magdalena, and three sons. After the Ustasha killed his father and three brothers he joined the partisan movement in to become a member of the first Sisak Partisan Unit, the first anti-fascist unit in Europe.

Croatian War of Independence. Documentazione relativa alle iniziative radicali in corso consegnata il 13 maggio al Ministro della Giustizia Andrea Orlando in occasione dell’incontro con una delegazione radicale. From until he was a deputy of bikte Croatian Democratic Union in parliament.

Sve moje bitke – Janko Bobetko – Google Books

After Croatia gained independence, Bobetko joined late Croatian President Franjo Tudjman, who on 10 April gave him a general’s rank and appointed him commander of the southern Croatian front. Inthe United Kingdom halted its ratification process for the Stabilisation and Association Agreement of Croatia with the European Union due to the Croatian government’s handling of the Bobetko case.


Bobetko refused to receive the indictment and said he would not go to The Hague alive. Bobetko had the status of a fully disabled person, caused both by his leg injury he sustained during World War II, and later by an onset of cardiac decompensation in After Croatia gained independence inBobetko joined its army with which he participated in the liberation of Croatian areas occupied by Serb terrorists and the JNA.

Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 20 April By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Britannica Online Encyclopedia ; accessed 6 September Firma qui la Dichiarazione di Roma per lo stato di diritto e il diritto alla conoscenza contro la ragion di Stato e chiedi ai consiglieri comunali, dell’area metropolitana e regionale di firmarla.

Per una campagna dello Stato italiano in sede ONU per la transizione allo Stato di Diritto codificando – per affermarlo — il diritto umano alla conoscenza. The New York Times 30 April Accessed 6 August Timeline of the Croatian War of Independence.

The treaty ratification problem was subsequently rectified in The book included documents and maps related to the military-police operations “Jackal” in Bosnia-Herzegovina near the border with southern Croatia, “Tiger” the liberation of Dubrovnik”Maslenica”, “Medak Pocket”, “Flash” and “Storm”. Retrieved 19 April