Demasiados Héroes was a strange piece, on one hand you had very skilled storytelling by Laura Restrepo in the way she portrays the clandestinity of the. Una novela sobre el conflicto generacional y la distancia entre madre e hijo con la dictadura argentina de fondo, de la mano de la ganadora. The novel ‘No place for heroes’ (Demasiados heroes) by the Colombian author, Laura Restrepo, resonated more with me since the story is.

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However, this was a goodreads firstreads win and so If you entered the giveaway for this and lost, please, please, please take it off my hands. The novel really builds until the end, and t I initially had trouble with this novel and contemplated putting it away.

This book would have been my ideal if 1 There had been no “present” time, because I truly loved the historical time and the parallels the author drew between the relationships in the demasiadoz and the struggles against the Argentinean dictatorship; and 2 I had read it in Spanish. This book was originally written in Spanish, a language I can moderately read and understand. That’s what it looked like. This could have been a fantastic plot, but none of the characters are memorable and the “Bond” type of plotline from mom’s past is so grazed-over that it’s hardly worth entertaining.

Her back-and-forth storytelling keeps the pace moving. Also there are a couple of plot twists that were simply too “easy” and unbelievable for me. There the marriage fell apart, and the couple separated.

This story and the story of the abduction and recovery of the son at an early age by the father form the other two narrative strands. Some people may understand and enjoy the book more than I did. About Me viswanathan passionate about latin america View my complete profile. The mother spends a good part of the time telling the boy the laur of how he and his father met, fell in love, then came apart.


I don’t know if this is intended by the author because he grew up without a father figure so he might not know how to act as a man, but for me as the reader, it became tiresome to try to mentally place him in the story. There she falls in love with an Argentine militant Ramon.

Lorenza, her true name rather than her code name, seemed weak despite her involvement in the resistance, seemed like she was just along for the ride. I’m not sure if some of it was lost in translation, but there weren’t any funny moments. Somehow, it managed just that. Thank you Goodreads lxura Doubleday!

Demasiados héroes / To Many Heroes

Thousands of young people from the reestrepo class believed in their noble cause and plunged into the resistance movement with a romantic revolutionary fervor. I think something must have been lost in the translation of the book.

This was a very easy-to-read book and I enjoyed a lot doing it. Mother and Father used to be in the “underground” in Argentina during the guerra sucia. She had faced dangers because of her political activites in Colombia itself and was forced into exile for six years in Mexico.

Demasiados héroes / To Many Heroes by Laura Restrepo | : Books

He desperately wants to meet him and get to know who this mysterious man in his life is. He behavior seemed erratic without any apparent explanation; swinging from terribly child-like to behaving like a functioning adult. In her words, this was the beginning of the fall of the dictatorship. The novel brings out the dark period of the Dirty War in Argentina when thousands of people ‘disappeared’, exiled, tortured and killed.

The real life of Laura Restrepo is also as fascinating as her novels. Feb 02, astried added it Shelves: To ask other readers questions about No Place For Heroesplease sign up. And the writing has sparkling moments, like this nested paragraph: But Ramon gets bored in Bogota and drifts away from Lorenza after some time. I’m only half joking. It’s a potentially rich concept, and the execution provides some very interesting themes and moments, but it has its flaws.


Hardcoverpages. She did not just imagine Argentina. Ramon knows Lorenza’s plan but lets her get away. Mother and son in search of father who has gone missing in Argentina. Another one of my criticisms is that I didn’t care for the writing style. Restrepo uses mini-stories within the novel to describe the path a mother takes to find her formerly kidnapped baby boy.

Laura Restrepo is a Colombian writer. And yet heroex awoke thinking that if Papaito wasn’t there with his soused breads, his overindulged ass and cattle, then she wasn’t quite sure what it was that she had inherited.

Recomiendo bastante sus libros y aunque este no logro cautivarme es una joya mas de la literatura Colombiana. Emocionante a la par que devastador relato sobre la dictadura y sus consecuencias. Perhaps I’ll try that in the future.

Both are on a journey to find the bastard father who originally kidnapped the son and a man Lole once l how I love latin american lit One minute she’s talking to her teenage son, reminiscing about days past when she was a militant opposing a dictatorship.