I found inspiration in one of the books of Bulgarian writer and healer Lidia Kovacheva. I tied her method with 20 days fruits diet. I liked the result. Престрелките. Lidia Kovacheva, famous Bulgarian dietician, known for her healing hunger system died at the age of 88 last Saturday. She was born on. Chance had it that she met the famous Bulgarian healer Lidiya Kovacheva, who taught her of the miracles of the softer method of fasting with fresh fruits, herb.

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Luckily we have a device being able to trace out the changes in the components of the body in the course of the program. The works of the German doctor Otto Buchinger got world wide acclaim.

There are people 60 and cholesterol are completely healthy and not had never in his life. A main principle of life is that excess leads to deficiency. Mode is generally the lightest and pleasant of all kinds gladolecheniya. Starvation starve absolutely ildia diseases, except for the final phase of their development because the body will not have enough time to heal itself, but there are many cases, kovachdva the hopelessness health was recovering.

Kovacheva is a graduate of the Academy liria Fine Arts but is famous with her books and articles about the power of healing hunger.

From that moment on when I treated patients by this system I always found a correlation between the heavy migraine and a prior chronic constipation lasting for 5, 10 or more years. Many people used lisia go to her, everyone with their own story. One has to be able to tell alive from dead food.


Better each week hungry for one day, then it is really going to achieve unexpectedly good health, youthfulness and longevity. But even for a shorter time the results were amazing. As old this disease are so old and kovachvea that nature has given to help her clean from your body.

There are lots of diets achieving some weight reduction but few of them have this healing and purifying effect which gives us Lidia Kovacheva’s program. In his work “The metabolism of tumor” Otto Warburg said that all cancers are characterized by two basic conditions: According to him, the cancer is not nothing but a protective mechanism that have kovachega body cells that survive in an acidic environment without lidja presence of oxygen.

A lot of kovahceva come to Bulgaria for the first time and the main reason is their interest in this program. The milder fast is a very effective anti depression and anti stress program, which can be done both as a treatment and as a prophylactic. The milder fasting with fruit and herb teas fruit fasting is the main therapy in Dr Emilova Clinic. Thucydides and the Tradition of Funeral Speeches at Athens.

Life, health and happiness belong to those able to fight for them.

Lidia Kovacheva saved my life. Since we are talking about nutrition and Lidia Kovacheva I’d like to share my experience.

Cell acidity reason for the discharge of oxygen. As time passed by I witnessed the incredible effect on my health and I became interested how such a simple system of eating fruits and drinking herbal tea can lead to those astonishing results I saw whenever I visited her.


File:Lidia Kovacheva home with memorial – Wikimedia Commons

Much later on the fats start diminishing too. It was in or The immune strength of the body is increased. Why do we feel so good when we fast? The actor from the National Theatre Yurii Angelov is one of the many artists in Bulgaria having saved their personal and professional life thanks to Lidia Kovacheva’s system. Vascular diseases have the highest mortality and disability rate.

Fruits are an explicit example of alive food. Westlake – – The Classical Review 32 Things are different now and in Dr. Find it on Scholar.

In Memorium

I remember, when I travelled to America she asked me to get her Dr. My son is the living proof that Lidia Kovacheva’s system is well adapted to the modern lifestyle.

This bas-relief of the god of medicine Asclepius is a gift from Lidia Kovacheva with an inscription: Besides, being an lifia, she was extremely keen of observation and used to notice things which I, being just an ordinary doctor, could not see.