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He studied philosophy at the Sorbonne in the late s. InLyotard earned a State doctorate with his dissertation Discours, figure under Podtmoderne Dufrenne —the work was published the same year.

Jean-François Lyotard – Wikipedia

However, any such eyewitnesses are dead and are not able to postmoderje. Even George Van Den Abbeele’s excellent translation, complete with a glossary of French terms not available in the original text Paris: University of Minnesota PressPrint. So, in putting forward a false argument against a rational consensus, Lyotard plays into the hands of the irrational forces that often give rise to injustice and differ ends.

Lyotard argues that we lyotar ceased to believe that narratives of this kind are adequate to represent and contain us all. The term “libidinal” coming from the term libido which is used to refer to the psychoanalytical desires of our deeper consciousness. The body may be dwarfed by its power but our reason need not be. The sublime is an aesthetic experience, not a practical feeling of personal danger.


In them he found a demonstration of the limits of our conceptuality, a valuable lesson for anyone too imbued with Enlightenment confidence. He is fiercely critical of many of the ‘universalist’ claims of the Enlightenmentand several of his works serve to undermine the fundamental principles that generate these broad claims.

Each coincides with a school of thought.

Lyotard saw postmodernism as a latent tendency within thought throughout time and not a narrowly lyotzrd historical period. Lyotard argues that we have outgrown our needs for grand narratives due to the advancement of techniques and technologies since World War II.

Toward a Postmodern Philosophy.

Lyotard’s work is characterised by a persistent opposition to universalsmeta-narrativesand generality. Lyotard’s work continues to be important in politicsphilosophysociologyliteratureartand cultural studies.

Lyotard is a skeptic for modern cultural thought. Inwhile preparing for a conference on postmodernism and media theoryhe died unexpectedly from a case of leukemia that had advanced rapidly.

Continental philosophy Phenomenology early Post-Marxism [1] late Postmodernism late. Index Outline Category Portal.

Jean-François Lyotard

Writings on Contemporary Art and Artists 7 volumes ed. The meaning of a phrase—an event something happens –cannot be fixed by appealing to reality what actually happened. Both terms draw lines that cannot be crossed and yet they mark the threshold of that which is most valuable for the philosophy, that which is to be testified to and its proper concern.

In The Differendbased on Immanuel Kant ‘s views on the separation of Understanding, Judgment, and Reason, Lyotard identifies the moment in which language fails as the differend, and explains it as follows: Postmoserne must bear witness to the wiszen.


Lyotard argues that this is the driving force behind postmodern science. However, there also can ltotard no intensities or desires without structures, because there would be no dream of escaping the repressive structures if they do not exist.

In the ‘dynamically’ sublime, the mind recoils at an object so immeasurably more powerful than we, whose weight, force, scale could crush us without the remotest hope of our being able to resist it. Wossen a Nietzschean and Deleuzian point of view James WilliamsLyotard’s postmodern philosophy took a turn toward a destructive modern nihilism that his early work avoids.

Jean-François Lyotard, Das postmoderne Wissen, , Personenregister

Ethical behaviour is about remaining alert precisely to the threat of this injustice, about paying attention to things in their particularity and not enclosing them within abstract conceptuality. The SublimeJudaismsociology. Lyotard argues that notions of justice and injustice do in fact remain in postmodernism. InLyotard became a member of Socialisme ou Barbariea French political organisation formed in around the inadequacy of the Lytoard analysis to explain the new forms of domination in the Soviet Union.

Minuit,does not, indeed cannot, alleviate the often terse prose with which Lyotard develops his reasoning.